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Practical Weight Loss Advice on the Best Diet Plans for 2015

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Practical weight loss

Are you confused about which diet plan to choose for weight loss? If so, then here is some practical weight loss advice from a blogger who lost a significant amount of weight last year and recently revealed what she considers to be the best diet plans for 2015.


Blogger Paula Mooney came to a startling realization in Dec of 2013 when she stepped onto her scales and discovered that she weighed 180.4 pounds. Determined to get fit and shed those extra pounds, Paula delved into a number of weight loss plans to find one that would help her lose weight. Standing tall at 5’ 11,” Paula’s weight this winter is now down to a respectable (and enviable) 157.8 pounds and recently revealed the real deal on the best diet plans that she says have worked for her.

The following is a summary of her weight loss advice:

Weight Loss Best Diet Plan Tip #1: The best diet plans include great group training sessions

According to Ms. Mooney, this can include a personal trainer or anything or anyone that can serve as a constant source of inspiration for discovering eating tips and knowing that you are not alone in your weight loss quest.
For her, joining group exercise classes combined with her solo workouts, “…seriously helped me get serious about dropping weight,” states Ms. Mooney, adding that she found that strength training really helps with weight loss.

Weight Loss Best Diet Plan Tip #2: Decrease the gluten in your life

Ms. Mooney gives credit to diet plans that lessen the gluten in your life such as the Wheat Belly diet plan. However, she points out that the best plans are those that involve making a change in how you eat—“…which is about 80 percent of weight loss – not merely working out,” says Ms. Mooney.

She also stresses the importance in having a weight loss plan and refers to the book "Thinspired: How I Lost 90 Pounds — My Plan for Lasting Weight Loss and Self-Acceptance" as an example to follow.

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Weight Loss Best Diet Plan Tip #3: Add on a weight loss app to your smart phone

Ms. Mooney uses the free fitness app “My Fitness Pal” to help her to stay within specific calorie limits and as a way to track the number of calories allowed daily to reach her goal weight. Here is some related article advice on apps and gadgets for weight loss.

Weight Loss Best Diet Plan Tip #4: Go lean to get lean

Ms. Mooney’s final best diet plan advice is to get lean with plenty of protein. Building muscle is a scientifically proven weight loss method that will boost your metabolism and burn off that fat quicker. To supplement her lean meat protein food choices, she goes with a protein shake for when she is on the go and wants to ensure her protein intake is optimal.

She concludes that, “In the end, the best diet plans tend to be the ones that you find it easy to stick with year after year―diet plans that you enjoy the best for your specific lifestyle and body, and become the ones that have the healthiest and best fitness effects for your life.”

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