Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift for Young Women - and It's Free

Christmas Gift for Women

This week is about the time of the year when most holiday shoppers either find their wallets, purses and credit cards tapped out with Christmas spending or still have not found that one last-minute Christmas gift that is both perfect and affordable. But in a day and age where a myriad of digital devices offers unlimited information and entertainment, finding a gift that is both perfect and in many cases free, is only a few clicks away for a gift that is good for the body and comes straight from the heart. One example is a pregnancy app that is available free from health experts at the Mayo Clinic.

The free app called “Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy,” which is available online at the Windows Store, is currently designed for desktop, laptop and tablet users on the Windows 8 operating system. It is advertised as a useful guide for expectant or soon-to-be expectant mothers that offers a wide range of features to answer pregnancy and fetal development questions beginning from conception to the first 3 months of an infant’s life. Pregnancy information from the app draws from the expertise of a team of experts in areas such as obstetrics and gynecology, genetics, nutrition, midwifery and lactation.

According to a news release issued by the Mayo Clinic, Roger Harms, M.D., a Mayo Clinic specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, and senior medical director for operations in Mayo Clinic's Global Business Solutions division states, "Getting pregnant and becoming a parent are among the most significant experiences in a person's life and can be overwhelming. This app will guide you from conception to delivery, and see you through the first three months with your newborn to give you peace of mind and enhance your sense of wonder throughout the experience."

Once the app is installed, your expectant mother can simply enter the baby's due date, birth date, or the date of their last menstrual period to start receiving weekly lifestyle and health guidance from experts at the Mayo Clinic as well as simple navigation to pregnancy-related resources from the Mayo Clinic such as the “Pregnancy and You” blog, the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, and the Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year.

The Mayo Clinic news release reports that the app provides features that cover such topics as:

• You and Your Baby: Moms-to-be can learn how their body is changing throughout their pregnancy, how the baby is developing, ways to relieve pregnancy symptoms and what to expect during labor and delivery.

• Medications and Immunizations: Insight into vaccine safety, medications that are safe during pregnancy and the benefits of prenatal vitamins.

• Lifestyle: Techniques on how to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy, ways for couples to stay connected with each other, and tips on making pregnancy easier and more comfortable while working.


• Nutrition: Answers to the most common questions regarding what women can and cannot eat during pregnancy and tips on healthy eating for mom and baby.

• Prenatal Care: What to expect at prenatal appointments, screenings and tests.

• Images and Slideshows: Professional medical illustrations and images from exercises to what a diaper rash looks like.

• Postpartum Care: Recovering from labor, exercise after pregnancy, knowing the signs of postpartum depression, and how to maintain intimacy after pregnancy.

• Infant Care: Tips on how to handle everything from spitting up to soothing a crying baby to feeding a newborn.

“The Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy App is a great source of information for a pregnant woman. It offers reliable information from Mayo Clinic experts that is up to date and relevant at each stage you may be at in your pregnancy,” says Kelly on a YouTube testimonial for the app, who is 36 weeks pregnant and recently discovered that her baby is in a breech position in her uterus.

For more information about the Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy App, a YouTube video about the app is available.

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Windows Store: Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy App

YouTube Video: Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy App


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