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A Paleo Bread Recipe for Your 6-Pack Abs

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Paleo bread for flat abs

You’ve decided to forego belly fat-causing processed bread in order to lose weight and reveal your 6-pack abs by following the Oxygen magazine recommended flat belly crash course plan. That’s great! But you know what?


That doesn’t mean you have to give up bread entirely—just choose the ones that contain complex carbs and grains like the following Paleo bread recipe modified by health expert and New York Times best-selling author of Your Best Body Now and the Eat-Clean Diet® seriesTosca Reno.

Tosca’s (Gwyneth Paltrow-inspired) Paleo Bread Recipe


• 2 cups blanched almond flour/meal

• 2 tablespoons coconut flour

• ¼ cup flax seed ground

• ¼ cup chia seed

• 1 pinch unrefined sea salt

• ½ teaspoon gluten free baking soda (Bob’s Red Mill)

• 5 whole, organic eggs

•1 tbsp. raw, organic honey

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• 1 tbsp. coconut vinegar


1. Place all dry ingredients in medium bowl. Combine well.

2. Place all wet ingredients in separate medium bowl and beat until combined.

3. Combine wet and dry ingredients. Don’t over-mix.

4. Pour into prepared, greased loaf pan.

5. Bake at 350 degrees F for 35 minutes.

6. Cool and serve.

This bread is great for sandwiches as part of your flat ab program that recommends a protein/fat/complex carb trifecta that you need to build muscle and fuel your metabolic furnace for burning off fat.

But if you don’t have time to bake or want some variety, here are 4 low carb bread recommendations for fighting belly fat.

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Reference: toscareno.com