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Oz Nutritionist Explains the Real Women's Guide to Weight Loss

Dr. Oz guide to weight loss

Do you ever get the impression that all of those weight loss ads that showcase thin, attractive, athletic women just doesn’t seem like they are the same women that the ads claim to be focused on? In other words, are they the typical “real women” who have to juggle work, family, and home, but still be able to find time for themselves?! According to one Dr. Oz guest nutritionist who is speaking up for “Real Women,” you too can lose weight with her real women’s guide for weight loss.


"Today we have a guide to real women’s weight loss that’s perfect for any busy woman," says Dr. Oz as he introduces nutritionist Haylie Pomroy who explains to viewers that busy women have specific obstacles to overcome in order to lose weight.

“Real women like myself…we don’t count calories, we are too busy, we are so blessed to be able to count our treasures,” says Ms. Pomroy who not only managed to author the popular book “The Fast Metabolism Diet” while working professionally, but also raised six children at the same time. Her message to viewers is that what makes you a success at home as a real woman can also be used to make you a success toward your weight loss without having to undergo some crazy new diet.

According to Ms. Pomroy, there are 3 weight loss obstacles real women have to face every day: cravings for sugar; the expense of eating healthy; and time to meet your needs just as you meet others’ needs every day. But by following her advice, any woman can overcome these 3 obstacles and at long last begin to lose weight.

The following is a summary of two tips she offers for clearing those 3 weight loss hurdles:

Weight Loss Obstacle Tip #1: Eat a pear the minute you have a sugar craving

“When you crave sugar, your body is telling you something. So if you can feed yourself―or nourish yourself―with real sugars from fruit first, you can stave off your cravings by answering your body’s request,” says Ms. Pomroy who explains that cravings are your body’s way of talking to you, and that you need to listen to it and nurture it in the right way.

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One benefit of eating a pear is that it helps stabilize your blood sugar levels so that if you still need just a bit of candy to completely get that sugar craving out of your system, Ms. Pomroy explains that it’s okay to indulge just a bit, as long as you tackle your sugar cravings first with fruit.
And, if you have a craving for something salty like chips, Ms. Pomroy recommends squeezing a grapefruit into a glass of water and drinking it as one way to put a stop to salty food cravings.

Weight Loss Obstacle Tips #2: Puree vegetables to save both time and money

The problem with buying vegetables is that they are often overly expensive and are not discounted with coupons. According to Ms. Pomroy, if you have a large family to spend on a small budget—and want to feed them healthy meals—there’s a way around this dilemma by searching for reduced-price veggies that if unsold by the end of the day will be trashed by the grocer.

However, who has time to shop every day just to find discounted produce? To help save both money and time, Ms. Pomroy adds this simple trick: buy the discounted produce in bulk and then once you get home, puree all of the vegetables in your blender and store them in freezer bags in the freezer section of your fridge to use for making soups and sauces later.

You can find more about Haylie Pomroy and her advice on the “Real Woman's Guide to Losing Weight” as well as how to boost your metabolism by visiting this web page on doctoroz.com.

Image Source: Courtesy of The Dr. Oz Show

Reference: The Dr. Oz Show— “The Real Woman's Guide to Weight Loss”