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One Side Effect of Weight Loss Shared on National TV

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One problem with going on a weight loss plan is that sometimes it is backed by some unrealistic expectations - such as finally achieving that perfect body. Recently, however, one brave man went on YouTube and the Ellen DeGeneres show to tell the world that that perfect body rarely results after significant weight loss and tells others that what happened to him should not deter anyone from accomplishing what he did in spite of a particular side effect of weight loss.


In a recent report on NBC News, news anchors tell us that a John Glaude, a 22-year-old El Cajon man, made a YouTube video about his weight loss journey, which went viral and wound up earning him an invitation to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show to share both the joy and the realities of weight loss.

The reality that made his weight loss journey video go viral was the side effect of replacing body fat with excess skin after dropping 160 pounds in two years.

Despite how the sagging excess skin appears on his otherwise fit body, Mr. Glaude states that he is not exposing himself to the public to try to gain sympathy and donations for skin removal surgery, but that he just wants to be an inspiration for others who are struggling to lose weight.

“I am comfortable in this skin, and I love this skin,” states Mr. Glaude who admits that his skin is his greatest insecurity after losing so much weight, but that he sees it as his battle scar from where he’s been in the past to how he has improved his health today.

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Here is the actual YouTube video made by Mr. Glaude as an inspiration for others on loving yourself for being yourself:

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Image Source: Courtesy of NBC News

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