Nipple Tattoo Video Shows New Hope for Breast Cancer Survivors

Nipple tattoo and breast cancer

It’s taken Twitter by storm - a nipple tattoo video that shows a new hope for breast cancer survivors who have lost their nipples from surgery.

In a news report free online by the New York Times, NYT writers along with narrator and nipple tattoo patient Caitlin Kiernan tell readers about a new solution for cancer victims who find conventional medical nipple reconstruction methods lacking—a three dimensional nipple tattoo by artist Mr. Vinnie Myers.

Here is a video showing the nipple tattoo procedure described.

The Problem and Solution

One of the problems behind breast reconstruction is that while cosmetic surgeons are able to reconstruct realistic-appearing breasts from the patient’s own tissues or from silicone implants, the nipple and surrounding areola regions are more difficult to reconstruct toward a natural and aesthetically pleasing form.

According to the article, nipple reconstruction options include a rebuild of a nipple using skin grafts from the patient; or, a tattooed rendition of a nipple from a surgeon who may have limited experience and training and can create only “…a passing resemblance to the real thing — a one-dimensional, reddish, pink or brown circle inked onto the tip of the breast,” states the article.

However, a third option is now to have an experienced and trained tattoo artist who can create a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing nipple by treating the reconstructed breast as a blank canvas upon which to apply a more practical and efficient use of ink and skill.


Discussed in the article is one breast cancer survivor’s story of success—44-year-old Ms. Kimberly Winters, 44, who underwent a removal and reconstruction of her left breast two years ago. Earlier this spring Ms. Winters sought the help of tattoo artist Vinnie Myers of Little Vinnie’s Tattoos in Finksburg, Maryland. The importance of seeking his help was especially significant as the new nipple needed to match the one on her unaffected breast.

“Nobody really talks about the areola and nipple area, but it’s so important,” says Ms. Winters.

Underlining Ms. Winter’s point is the fact that an artistic touch is really needed to help women with this special problem that encompasses their emotional as well as their physical health as attested to by Mr. Myers.

“I get to see tattoos done by different doctors from all over the world, and it never ceases to amaze me how bad most of them are,” Mr. Myers said. “I’ve seen tattoos that don’t match a woman’s skin tone or her existing areola, nipples that are so large and out of proportion they take up half the breast, or nipples that are positioned so far on the sides they are almost in the armpits. Doctors have really dropped the ball on this.”

Working as a nipple tattoo specialist, Mr. Myers over the past several years has treated thousands of women with his three-dimensional nipple tattoo art to supplement—and improve upon—reconstructed breasts for breast cancer survivors. On average, he performs 1,500-2,000 women a year.

The cost of a nipple tattoo from Mr. Myers ranges from $600 to $800. Unfortunately however, for many patients not all insurance providers will reimburse patients the cost of the tattoos on the basis that Mr. Myers is not a licensed health care provider.

For in-depth coverage, the NYT article appeared in print on the 06/03/2014 edition, on page D6 of the New York Times with the headline: “Tattoo Therapy After Breast Cancer.”

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Image Source: Courtesy of PhotoBucket

Reference: The New York Times Online