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News Testimony on How the HCG Diet Resulted in 1 Pound per Day Weight Loss

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HCG Diet results weight loss

Are you considering trying the HCG Diet for fast weight loss? Here are testimonies from one woman and one man who tried the HCG Diet as to whether it really can help you lose up to 1 pound per day.


According to a recent FOX News report, you can expect to see new weight loss clinics appear that are legally prescribing the HCG diet for patients who want to lose weight fast - even up to 1 pound per day for 45 days according to their claims of success with some patients.

The HCG Diet essentially consists of undergoing what is called a very low calorie diet (VLCD of 500- 800 calories per day) while receiving injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)―a natural hormone made by the placenta in women during pregnancy that helps support the normal growth and development of a fetus.

The HCG diet remains controversial apparently because there are actual cases of dieters who are overweight or obese losing a significant amount of weight in just a very short period of time. While some make the argument that anyone imposing a very low calorie diet on themselves would expect to lose a large amount of weight without the HCG injections, advocates of the HCG diet claim that using HCG during dieting retains lean muscle while fat is being lost, rather than wind up losing both fat and muscle at the same time as typically happens during VLCD dieting.

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However, the HCG Diet injections do not come cheap and consumers are often tempted to buy online, less expensive HCG products. According to the news report, clinics that promote weight loss through the HCG Diet tell patients that you can only get HCG legally through a prescription by a physician and should avoid supplements that falsely claim to be the HCG diet or “similar to the HCG Diet” as revealed recently with the HCG Platinum Drops weight loss supplement.

The difference in results between Tiffany and Craig are not unusual. According to a past episode of The Dr. Oz Show, clinical reviews of the HCG diet have not been conclusive as to whether or not this type of dieting actually works. At best it appears to work for some dieters, but definitely not for all or the majority of dieters who try HCG.

For more information about the HCG Diet and potential problems with it, here are Five Truths about the HCG Diet that you should know about.

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