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New Weight Loss Tool You May or May Not Be Able to Stomach

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Loae weight with a reverse feeding tube

Would you like to lose 110 pounds over nine months―all while eating normally? This man did with a new weight loss tool that you may or may not be able to stomach.


We’ve seen many diet ads making the same claim—“Eat all you want and still lose weight.” Of course the ads are either blatantly false or have some hidden trick that is unrealistic for most dieters—think the old 50 bananas per day diet for example.

However, according to a CTV News report, one man reportedly lost 110 pounds in nine months while eating normally through a relatively new (and controversial) dieting aid called “Aspire Assist.”

Aspire Assist is described as a reverse feeding tube that is touted as being a simpler and cheaper alternative to bariatric surgery that is both less invasive and fully reversible.

How it works is that a tube is inserted into the stomach through the abdomen with an easily opened and closed port protruding from the body. Within 20 minutes after a meal, the user attaches a draining tube to the port, the port is then opened allowing the stomach contents of undigested food (up to 30% of your meal) to passively drain out and empty into a toilet.

According to the news report, the device removes only one-third of the meal, allowing the user to still receive the calories and nutrition from the rest of the meal.

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While some would argue that this is a type of bulimia, others claim that it helps lead to better eating habits due to the user has to learn how to chew their food very thoroughly and drink a lot of water with their meal in order to make the gastric draining possible. The claim is that at first, users would use the device after every meal, but as they learn to eat more healthfully, they would reduce the frequency of their aspirations.

Here is a video of why one man resorted to this weight loss device and how it worked for him:

Currently, this weight loss device is only allowed in parts of Europe, but its makers are seeking approval in the U.S. and Canada. Understandably, health experts are leery of this device and told CTV News that more research is needed to understand the risks and benefits of this technique.

"I need to know that having this procedure doesn't have long-term risks―nutritional risks, infection risks and so forth. And until that data exists, I look at this as interesting and worthy of future study but not something I am going to be rushing people out the door to go get," says Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, the founder of the Bariatric Medical Institute in Ottawa.

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