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New Weight Loss Gadget Perfect for the 5 Bite Diet Plan

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Dieters are raving about the 5 Bite Diet Plan. But did you know that there is now a new weight loss gadget that compliments the diet? According to a recent report on CBS News, dieters are finding weight loss success with a weight loss gadget that keeps a watchful eye while you eat and tells you when enough is enough.


Studies show that eating slowly leads to weight loss. According to Nutritionist Deborah Cardile, the secret to feeling fuller is by eating slower. A theory held by many health officials who posit that eating slower gives the brain time to catch up with the stomach.

“It’s about feeling fuller. And by eating slower, you will feel fuller sooner,” says Ms. Deborah Cardile quoted in a CBS News interview.

To help dieters eat slower, a type of plate nanny called the mandometer, acts as a talking scale that you place your dinner plate on before adding food, and then monitors how much and how fast you are eating.

The mandometer has a bite counter that literally counts each bite you take. A computer connected to the mandometer allows you to set the desired target bite count you desire, after which you can monitor your bites by looking at a watch-like monitor worn on your wrist. If you eat more than the programmed number of bites, an alarm goes off.

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The device is the invention of psychologist Eric Muth who had difficulty losing weight until he came up with the idea of the mandometer as a weight loss aid to help keep dieters from eating too much while sitting at the table.

“We’ve shown that if you track bites, you could indeed slow a person’s eating―and that did reduce intake,” says Mr. Muth.

CBS News reporters met with one individual―a Mr. Dan Correa―who uses the mandometer and claims that he has lost 30 pounds in 3 months owing much of his weight loss success to this new gadget.

"It changes your behavior. It changes your relationship with food. It works," states Mr. Correa.

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Reference: CBS News Oct. 1, 2014