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A New Take on Takeout Eating for Health

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Healthy takeout meals

Is all takeout bad food bad for your health? Not necessarily, according to a recent CBS News report that tells viewers about a new take on takeout eating.


Traditionally, takeout food is considered to be one of the unhealthiest ways to eat. The food is generally heavy in salt, calories, MSG and artificial flavorings that are likened to the additives used to hook smokers to their cigarettes. In fact, research has shown that a bad diet can lead to acute kidney disease and make women cranky. But did you know that many restaurants that previously would not provide meals for takeout are doing so now?

“There’s a whole lot of new services out there now that offer healthy delivery,” says registered dietician Samantha Heller who explains that some restaurants will now prepare meals for delivery and/or provide a package with ingredients and instructions on how to prepare the meal yourself at home.

According to the news report, this kind of service is expected to be attractive to the new Millennials who are too busy, too tired and too inexperienced with cooking to do it themselves. But there’s more than the benefit of convenience to ordering restaurant-quality meals. Using this type of service not only is one way of getting healthier takeout food, but also the opportunity to try out new types of foods and dishes that you normally would not have experienced preparing in your kitchen.

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But is it expensive? It can be. Prep kits for making your own meals start at about 8-15 dollars per portion and go up in price from there with some restaurants requiring a minimum of 2 meals per order, taxes, tips and delivery charges. However, what you are really paying for is convenience and the chance to occasionally dine differently with takeout that is healthier than ordering salt-infused Chinese food or greasy tacos.

Ms. Heller does caution that you can order unhealthy foods this way as well, and need to check out the menu offerings carefully to be sure you are getting what you really want.

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