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New Popular Weight Loss Exercise Burns More Calories than Running

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Are you tired of running or jogging for weight loss because of the punishment such jarring exercise takes on your knees, hips and ankles? The good news - according to the August issue of Oxygen magazine - is that a NASA study shows that one new popular type of weight loss exercise is more efficient than running. And better yet, it’s fun and places significantly less stress on your joints.


Dieters who cannot run because running places too much impact pain on their knees can literally jump for joy (and lose weight at the same time) with a new popular weight loss exercise called “Rebounding.”

Rebounding is a return to the youthful fun of jumping on a trampoline that turns out to have significant cardiovascular benefits toward weight loss. Rebounder exercise equipment such as the ReboundAIR™ are best described as mini-trampolines that can be used inside the home, are easily stored, and can even be taken as a portable exercise aid while traveling.

Oxygen writer and fitness trainer Michael Berg, NCSA-CPT, quotes Jeff McMullen, master trainer for JumpSport Fitness saying that, “Rebounding can help you build cardiovascular endurance faster and more effectively than running because the rebound activity is more efficient, meaning less oxygen is required to fuel the activity.”

In addition, he refers to a University of Michigan study that determined that a 140-pound woman on a rebounder actually burns more calories at a faster rate than running does at the tune of about 385 calories per hour.

Bounce the Pounds Away Advice

Oxygen magazine recommends a fat-blasting 30-minute exercise routine that involves 5 repeats of a sequence of the following moves at 1 minute each:

The Basic Bounce―Arms loose at your sides, jump up and down no more than a few inches high in the center of the rebounder.

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The Jumping Jack―While swinging your arms above your head in a clapping motion, alternate each jump with legs together and legs apart.

The Cross-Country Ski―With each jump, alternate one foot forward and one foot back while airborne and move your arms forward and back in opposition to your legs.

The Mogul Jump―Pretend you are skiing and jump side to side on the rebounder with your feet near each other and with arms bent and at your sides.

The Bunny Hop―Jump forward and back on the rebounder with arms bent and held to your sides.

Running in Place―Self-explanatory, but be sure to swing your arms in opposition to the legs for good form and maintaining balance.

And if you decide that you would like to supplement all of this up and down motion by moving forward, here are 10 Tips from Consumer Reports on how to prevent walking workout burnout.

Image Source: Courtesy of PhotoBucket.com

Reference: Oxygen, August 2014 issue