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New Noninvasive Procedure Blasts Stubborn Belly Fat

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Laser tech kills fat cells around the belly say doctors

Here’s the latest on a new noninvasive procedure that doctors say can blast stubborn belly fat away and reshape your body.


According to a recent ABC News report, women are turning to high-tech ways to blast their stubborn belly fat and other trouble areas away for a slimmer look and to help jumpstart their weight loss efforts with some quick motivation. The high-tech belly blasting procedure? It’s called “SculpSure,” and it uses laser technology that some patients claim has literally melted their fat away.

Key Points about Laser Fat Removal

• It is noninvasive—patients lie on a table and let the SculpSure device apply laser to trouble areas to kill fat cells and reshape the patient’s body.

• The cost is reportedly $1,500-per-session, each of which takes just under 30 minutes.

• The treatment only affects near the skin’s surface subcutaneous fat, not the deeper abdominal fat.

• A repeat procedure 6 weeks after the first is recommended.

• It can take up to 12 weeks before a patient will realize a difference in their shape.

• Side effects include swelling, numbness and bruising.

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• SculpSure is currently approved by the FDA only for use on the abdomen.

Does it Really Work and is it Permanent?

According to ABC News’ chief women’s health correspondent, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the procedure offers “an interesting new option” for getting rid of unwanted fat, but because the procedure is so new, “we don’t know” whether its efficacy is worth the cost or if it is long-lasting. In fact, she points out that some studies have shown that after surgical liposuction, fat can reappear in other places of the body.

“We have to remember the alternatives here,” says Dr. Jennifer Ashton. “Healthy diet and exercise are not only better for you on the outside but better for you on the inside.”

Belly Fat Blasting Alternatives

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