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A New Natural Sweetener Recommended by Dr. Oz that Won’t Make You Fat

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Natural Sweetener

Are you worried about eating sugar and gaining weight or developing diabetes? According to Dr. Oz there’s a new natural sugar in town that he recommends as a natural sweetener that won’t make you fat.

“Move over sugar, there’s a new natural sweetener that’s better for your health. And you know what? You’ll go nuts over it,” says Dr. Oz as he introduces to viewers his latest all-natural white sugar substitute—coconut palm sugar. “It’s a sugar that can help stabilize your glucose levels,” says Dr. Oz, who in past episodes has warned viewers about the hidden danger behind artificial sweeteners.

Coconut palm sugar is harvested from the sap of its tree blossoms and then dried and crystallized into golden-colored crystals of sugar. Coconut palm sugar is a significant source of not just natural sweeter, but also contains potassium, zinc, magnesium and iron.

Dr. Oz explains to viewers that why eating white sugar is bad for your health is because people tend to overdo their consumption of sugar due to the fact that white sugar provides a brief energy burst that feels good. However, the problem with these sugar-powered energy bursts is that your body reacts to it by producing insulin which not only lowers your blood sugar, but does so to levels that are lower than it was before you took the sugar. This in turn drives a person to eat more food to try to get those lowered sugar levels back up.

“That’s the reason why people who eat sugar also gain a lot of weight,” says Dr. Oz. “Because their blood sugar is chronically bouncing up and down, they overreact by eating more food.”

However, according to Dr. Oz, coconut palm sugar does not affect the body the same way by creating this yo-yo effect in blood sugar levels. Rather, coconut palm sugar actually keeps sugar levels relatively stable and as a result prevents sugar cravings and the tendency to eat more to get blood sugar levels back up.

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Dr. Oz learned about the advantages of coconut palm sugar from a letter written by a viewer named Jenny who told him that once she began to use coconut palm sugar in place of white sugar as a natural sweeter, that she lost 15 pounds in less than one month.

“I started swapping it [coconut palm sugar] in my coffee, putting that in rather than all of my other sweeteners. I started putting it in all of my baked goods and I did not gain any weight over the holidays for the first time ever. And, I just stopped craving the [white] sugar,” says Jenny, who adds that her father lost 25 pounds after he too switched to coconut palm sugar as a natural sweetener substitute.

Putting the idea of coconut palm sugar to the taste test as a substitute natural sweetener in place of white sugar, Dr. Oz consulted with Chef Jacques Torres, a chocolatier who agreed to try coconut palm sugar in his baking. What he found was that when coconut palm sugar was replaced 1:1 for sugar, that there was no difference in taste.

“It’s exactly the same,” says Chef Torres.

Dr. Oz advises viewers to give coconut palm sugar a try stating that it should be used in the same way as you treat your regular white sugar in your baking and sweetening needs.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show