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New Mega List of Suspect Weight Loss or Muscle Building Supplements Released by FDA

Check your supplements against this list

Are you certain that your weight loss or muscle building supplement is safe? Here is news of a new mega list of suspect supplements released by the FDA that you can view with their easy search engine to see for yourself.


According to a news report from NBC affiliate station KFOR, the FDA has made available a mega list of over 700 suspect supplements that you should be wary of and avoid.

Medication Health Fraud for Consumers

This listing is part of the FDA’s Medication Health Fraud Page that alerts consumers on the latest news about supplements that have been banned or recalled by manufacturers after FDA labs discover hidden ingredients such as these that could jeopardize your health. To give you an intro to the dangers of supplements and how some supplement manufacturers operate, here’s a humorous video from the FDA about fast weight loss fraud and how to spot it.

According to the news report, consumers should avoid all supplements that are marketed with slick advertising that promise rapid weight loss, muscle gain or sexual enhancement, because they may be contaminated with dangerous drugs.

In fact, earlier this year the FDA released a long list of sex supplements recently recalled due to illegal ingredients. And when it comes to weight loss pills, these 12 potentially dangerous weight loss supplements were discovered to have amphetamine-like ingredients that can cause cardiac and neuropsychiatric problems.

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“I’m concerned for the public, because these things are more readily available for the public too and consumers,” said Cindy Fain of the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy. “There's a lot of problems with them. You need to be very careful.”

Interestingly, the news story points out that often the problem of fraudulent weight loss and muscle building products are not those found in reputable health food stores or pharmacies—which do typically sell weight loss and muscle building products—but in more sketchy avenues such as the internet and in convenience stores.

For now, consumers are advised to listen to their inner skeptic the next time they read a weight loss or muscle building supplement label and follow these tips on how to fail a fraudulent supplement.

For help from the FDA, follow this link to their Tainted Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements to ensure your supplement is not on their list using their easy search feature.


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