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New Fat Burning Weight Loss Pill Developed by Professor Emeritus at UT

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A recent press release from the University of Tennessee reports that Michael Zemel, a professor emeritus of nutrition at UT in Knoxville, has developed a fat burning weight loss pill called “NuShape” that he claims will drop a women down one dress size in just under 30 days.

NuShape is a weight loss product manufactured by NuSirt Sciences, Inc. of which Dr. Zemel is the company’s founder. NuShape consists of the all-natural amino acid leucine, a component of foods like soybeans, lentils, fish and vitamin B6 recommended for a healthy diet. The weight loss pill is believed to work due to a specific ratio of vitamin B6 and leucine that together transfers fat to muscle to be burned rather than stored in deposits such as around the waist—the bane of all adults faced with belly fat issues.

Reported clinical studies of Dr. Zemel’s fat burning pill have shown that by taking two pills a day for 3 months combined with only a little diet restriction and exercise resulted in test subjects nearly increasing their fat loss and weight loss by twice as much in comparison to control subjects. Furthermore, 60 to 70 percent of the fat and weight lost in the test subjects was maintained six months afterward and without significant loss of lean muscle.

Last year, the American Chemical Society reported that research on climbers attempting to scale Mt. Everest showed that adding leucine in dietary supplements such as energy bars can help preserve muscle mass while fat is being lost during the grueling climb. And, that the findings may be applicable in helping people “…at lower altitudes who want to lose weight while preserving their lean body mass, or who are elderly and don't eat or exercise enough to maintain their strength.”

According to Dr. Zemel, you do not have to be mountain climber to benefit from his leucine-packed pill, but that some exercise is still required to make it effective.

According to the press release and a YouTube video, Dr. Zemel states, “Let’s be clear; this is not magic. Instead, this is a product that will work with you. We ask that you add about fifteen minutes a day of moderate physical exercise over and above what you already do. That should burn about 100 calories. With NuShape, you will burn an extra 400 calories a day.”

In addition, users of his weight loss pill should understand that more is not necessarily better and that consuming more than two pills a day will not increase weight loss. Finding the correct balance of micronutrients is key to weight loss and metabolic function in the human body.

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“NuSirt Sciences seeks to use our understanding of how molecules function and relate to one another and combine it with our knowledge of metabolic pathways,” said Zemel. “This can uncover metabolic activities in safe, natural products that prevent metabolic diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.”

In fact, Dr. Zemel has a second product called “NuControl” that is used for achieving and maintaining blood sugar levels that are healthy. One of the key ingredients in this supplement is the well-known red grape extract resveratrol, of which some report that it would take consumption of prohibitive amounts to reap any benefit. However, Dr. Zemel believes that with the right combination of other nutrients, that resveratrol is effective in smaller doses.

According to Dr. Zemel, “As you gain weight, you become less insulin sensitive, and it takes more insulin to produce normal blood sugar control. NuControl helps address this issue by promoting the body’s natural ability to metabolize sugar more effectively. In fact, initial in vivo research showed the NuControl blend of leucine and resveratrol improved insulin sensitivity levels in mice by 40 to 50 percent.”

Dr. Zemel is reportedly working on a supplement that is focused on treating cardiovascular health to accompany his fat burning weight loss and blood sugar control products from NuSirt Sciences, Inc. that can be purchase via the company website at www.NuSirt.com.

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