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New 10-Day Detox Plan for Weight Loss Could Be the Solution to America’s Obesity Problem

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Detox weight loss plan

We have heard that fewer calories consumed and more calories burned is the key to successful weight loss. However, well-known weight loss health expert Dr. Mark Hyman posits that, “…it’s not overeating that makes you fat; it’s being fat that makes you overeat.” Discover now what Dr. Hyman believes is the real solution to America’s obesity problem and how you can get your body on track for weight loss in just 10 days.


Do you suffer from what Doctor Hyman refers to as the FLC (Feel Like Crap) syndrome? According to what he told viewers in a recent CBS This Morning episode, many people do not even know how bad they were feeling until they tried his 10-day sugar detox diet.

Sugar―in his opinion―is the number one cause of obesity, and can be avoided by following the instructions from his latest book, “The Blood Sugar Solution: 10-day Detox Diet Cookbook.”

“Most Americans are biologically addicted to flour and sugar. We eat about 152 pounds of sugar and 146 pounds of flour, and we are learning from science that this is hijacking your brain, your taste buds and your metabolism,” says Dr. Hyman who adds that this in turn leads to the “FLC” syndrome that manifests all because of what we choose to put into our bodies.

According to Dr. Hyman’s blog, “We need a clear path to detox from sugar, to break the addictive cycle of carb and sugar cravings that robs us of our health.”

“Food is medicine. We can actually heal our bodies using food―or we can make them sick,” says Dr. Hyman, who tells viewers that the most important health step to take is to quit sugar right now and let your body detox. By breaking your addiction to sugar and refined flour you will be giving your body the time it needs to heal from constant inflammation and time to reset its natural chemistry. Once that occurs, you can expect to experience a reduction in the symptoms of chronic conditions such as headaches, joint pain, feeling lethargic, etc. This process takes about 10 days, which he says is the amount of time it takes for the brain to recover from sugar’s toxic effects and get over its addiction.

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“We had 600 people do this and in 10 days they had a 62 percent reduction in all symptoms from all diseases, simply by giving their body the right food,” says Dr. Hyman who explains that the goal is to achieve a cleansing detox that will take about 10 days and then follow the detox with a diet that works for you.

So, what foods do you have to avoid for a successful detox? According to Dr. Hyman, avoiding the following foods is essential to proper detoxing:

• Gluten
• All grains
• Sugar
• Dairy
• Beans
• All alcohol and caffeine

The end result is that by detoxing your body—and most importantly, your brain—you will have “reset your system” and broken the addition that drives unhealthy eating. Once the detox is achieved, you will not have to rely on pure will power to continue with eating healthy. Hyman states that the hardest part of the diet his patients experienced was sticking with it by days 4 and 5 when their bodies were experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the absence of sugar and flour. But after that, it will come easier to avoid bad foods and stick to wholesome natural foods to nourish the body and the brain.

For more about the ills of sugar on the body, here is an informative article about how many sodas it takes to make a person diabetic; plus, advice from Dr. Oz on losing weight with a sugar detox diet.


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I think when we re-learn (or maybe learn for the first time) how we should be properly eating, we develop a healthy eating relationship with our diet, and maintaining our weight is relatively effortless. Eating the right foods makes weight loss so much easier, as long as your diet consists of whole foods, the majority of people won't over eat and will likely lose a good amount of weight.