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Must-Have Supplements Dr. Oz Recommends for 2014

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Are you confused about whether or not taking vitamins really does a body good? According to Dr. Oz, not all health professionals are in agreement with a conclusion reached by recent studies that indicate that taking vitamins is a waste of money.


While the final word on vitamins remains in limbo, Dr. Oz reveals 3 must-have supplements you should be taking regardless of the current health news reports.

“The fact of the matter is that no one really knows how beneficial multivitamins really are,” says Dr. Oz. “But what I do know, is that many of our viewers are not well enough nourished to avoid taking them. Today, I’ve got the key supplements that I want you to be taking for 2014. And guess what—I’ll be taking them too.”

Listed below is a summary of 3 supplements Dr. Oz recommends for 2014 and how you should be taking them:

Supplement #1: A multivitamin that provides ONLY 100% of recommended daily allowance

“For multivitamins, I want you to take 100% of the daily value of the twelve essential vitamins and minerals,” Dr. Oz tells viewers. His recommendation for taking a multivitamin is that people should take their multivitamin pill and cut it in half, swallowing one part first thing in the morning and the other half in the evening.

“Your body can’t absorb all of those nutrients,” says Dr. Oz who explains that you really only get half of the benefit of your multivitamin when it is taken all at once where the excess that is not absorbed by the body is lost through urine and waste.

Dr. Oz adds that when buying a multivitamin, choose only those that provides the 100% recommended daily allowance and avoid those mega-dose vitamins that he tells viewers are really pharmaceutical grade and may be not only more expensive, but harmful as well.

“You are wasting your money, but also exposing yourself to a high amount of these things, so you only want to take a 100% of what’s recommended—more is not better,” says Dr. Oz.

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Supplement #2: DHA Omega 3

While Omega 3 supplements have been a long-time staple recommended by Dr. Oz for helping fight high cholesterol and for good heart health, Dr. Oz adds that it is also good for helping people who are under a lot of day-to-day stress from normal living such as having to deal with kids, pets, work and a spouse.

“That’s what Omega-3’s basically do--they quench a lot of that extra stuff that’s happening like stress, so at least your body can cope with it a little better. My recommendation is 600 milligrams of DHA Omega 3. And again, take it with breakfast,” says Dr. Oz.

However, recent studies show that even with Omega-3 supplements, too much can be harmful and have been associated with a higher risk for prostate cancer and atrial fibrillation.

Supplement #3: Vitamin D the sunshine vitamin

“The third supplement is vitamin D. Now I especially put this aside because so many of us are deficient in this,” says Dr. Oz. “If you live north of Atlanta along the East Coast or a good part of the West Coast, you are not going to get enough sunshine.”

Dr. Oz recommends taking a dose of 1000 units per day of Vitamin D supplement in capsule form. This recommendation of 1000 units is his maximum based on a past episode he televised about vitamin D mega dose warnings.

Dr. Oz states that your Vitamin D supplement should be taken at breakfast time and with some fats such as those found in dairy products during your meal to help with the absorption of the Vitamin D into the bloodstream.

For additional advice from Dr. Oz on taking vitamins, click-on the titled link, “Dr. Oz Shares Multi-Vitamin Safety Recommendations” to find out why Vitamins A and E should be taken at lower doses than previously recommended.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show



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