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Must Have App Signals Perfect Time for Sex

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High tech baby-making device helps couples

There’s an app for everything and sex is no exception. Here’s why many women are after this must have app that signals the perfect time for sex.


According to a recent NBC News report on wearable tech with an app that syncs with your smartphone, researchers have developed what some refer to as “Fitbit Fertility”―a new smart band called “Ava” that lets women know when their body is at its most receptive cycle phase for baby-making sex.

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NBC News tells us that a recent clinical study at the University Hospital of Zurich monitored 41 women who wore the Ava bracelet as they slept, and said they were able to identify a woman's fertile window with 89% accuracy.

Here’s a video news clip about the device:

The Specifics About Ava

• The wearable fertility tracker is worn while sleeping and then synced in the morning with your smartphone upon wakening.

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• The band tracks nine physiological factors: pulse rate, body temperature, biompedance, perfusion, heat loss, movement, sleep quality, skin temp and breathing rate to determine a woman's fertile days.

• Ava identifies an average of five fertile days per cycle.

• Ava allows a woman a chance to enjoy less invasive testing and more privacy by negating the need for a BBT thermometer and pee sticks.

• Ava also helps a woman monitor her general health and wellness while trying to conceive and throughout her pregnancy.

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