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The Most Important Beauty Secret Women Need to Know Today

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Female Beauty Secret

Truth in beauty advertising is uglier than many once thought. Find out now why being a critical consumer of beauty products is so important today.


According to a new study published in the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing: Bridging Fashion and Marketing, researchers recently revealed that less than one out of every five beauty ads that you read is considered truthful. In fact, over 86% of beauty ads were deemed vague or outright lies by a panel of experts analyzing the reasonability of advertising claims.

Researchers at Valdosta State University in Georgia and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln analyzed nearly 300 makeup, hair care, fragrance and skin care advertisements from a sampling of seven fashion magazines that included including popular titles such as Vogue, Marie Claire and Glamour. What they found was that only 18 percent of all claims made by beauty advertisers of their products were deemed acceptable. Furthermore, of those that alluded to being scientifically sound, 86 percent were actually found to be vague or false.

According to a CBS News report on the study, "For the past 30 years a fundamental belief that advertisers hold is that women are more emotional, so whatever we write should be sensitive and emotional," says study author Jie Fowler, assistant professor of marketing at Valdosta University. “But consumers today are more cynical, so this type of plan may not work as well."

A troubling trend the researchers warn is that eventually consumers will become overly wary of advertised claims that in turn will lead to undermining a company’s credibility and its brand. Previous studies have shown only approximately 17% of consumers actually trust the cosmetics they buy.

"That's an indication that if we don't change our approach it might harm the future impression of the brand," stated Ms. Fowler for CBS News.

One of the conclusions reached by the researchers is that more regulations need to be developed within the industry to prevent such deceptive advertising not only for the good of the consumer, but to protect the industry from itself.

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