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Is Morning Sickness a Good Sign or a Bad Sign about Your Pregnancy?

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Morning sickness could benefit the baby

Should morning sickness be something to worry about during your pregnancy—especially when it’s really bad and often? Here’s what the latest study revealed after following roughly 800 women during their pregnancy.


According to a recent CBS News health report, expectant mothers have enough to worry about without the added fear of what’s going on with their body and all the nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Is it normal? Can it be a sign or symptom that something’s not right about the pregnancy? Why am I experiencing it, but my friends are not?

The good news is that a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that those wretched bouts of nausea and vomiting may actually be associated with a reduced risk of pregnancy loss.

“Nausea and vomiting can take a toll on a woman’s body, especially after the emotional time period of finding out you’re pregnant,” study author Stefanie N. Hinkle, Ph.D., a staff scientist at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, told CBS News. “But our findings are really reassuring to women who are experiencing and suffering from these symptoms that their risk for pregnancy loss is greatly reduced. It’s helping to tell them that they have a healthy pregnancy and that this is a good thing.”

Here’s a CBS News video of one expectant mom who had unbearable morning sickness:

What to Do About Your Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness, New Treatment and Old--Update

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There’s no need to try to tough it out or wait it out—in fact some pregnancies have morning sickness for most of the pregnancy—here is a summary of some recommendations by FitPreganancy.com that have helped many expectant mothers find relief:

Morning Sickness Tip #1: Try Carbs and Protein―according to FitPregnancy.com, start your day by helping yourself to some dry crackers in bed upon awakening, to quell that morning nausea before it can begin. Afterward, combine complex carbs with a little protein like a whole wheat pita with hummus or apple slices and string cheese to keep you feeling full.

Morning Sickness Tip #2: Stick to Small Meals―An empty stomach can make you feel worse, but so can too much food when pregnant. Their advice: Eat frequent but small meals that are packed with nutrients, but avoid acidic and fatty or fried foods. If the smell of food is a problem, then try a cold meal with veggies, yogurt and cheese.

Morning Sickness Tip #3: Go for Ginger―Ginger is proven stand-by tummy soother, so try some Gingersnap cookies, ginger candies and grating some ginger into your cup of tea.

Morning Sickness Tip #4: Chill Out with Cold Treats―Cold, slushy drinks, ice chips, frozen lemonade or homemade refreshing strawberry and peach ice pops are great for relieving nausea.

Morning Sickness Tip #5: Over-the-Counter Remedies and Prescription Meds―There are a few OTC options such as acupressure wristbands or pairing vitamin B6 with doxylamine (an over-the-counter antihistamine to ease nausea), but be sure to check with your physician first to ensure it is safe for you and whether he or she may have something else in mind that is proven to be more effective.

For more about pregnancy-related matters, here is an informative article about whether expectant moms are especially prone to cravings that includes eating dirt, chalk and other generally non-nutritional substances.

Reference: CBS News “Why morning sickness during pregnancy may be a good sign

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