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More Support Reported for Taking Red Palm Oil to Fight Belly Fat

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red palm oil for belly fat

Do you find it difficult to avoid high fat foods that contribute to your belly fat? Would you like to be able to take something that can lessen the effects of a high fat diet? Then you may be in luck - recent research adds more support toward why more Americans should be taking Red Palm oil to fight their belly fat.


Red Palm oil has been recommended in the past by Dr. Oz as an anti-aging miracle oil that can not only slow down the aging process, but also help melt away your belly fat. So much so, that Dr. Oz has recommended viewers to replace their cooking oil with this favorite of his.

The Red Palm oil is derived from the fruit of Elaeis guineensis―more commonly known as the “African Oil Palm.” The oil is extracted from both the pulp of the fruit and the kernel to be used in food products, has a rich red color, and is actively being researched by multiple laboratories to uncover its unique nutritional value and application toward fighting fat.

Its nutritional properties are due to its natural tocotrienol nutrients― a unique form of Vitamin E. In addition, it is also rich in carotenoids like Pro-vitamin A. Together, these bioactive nutrients have been reported to potentially slow down the aging process.

However, as mentioned earlier, Red Palm oil is being thoroughly investigated for its ability to fight fat. In a recent study done on mice performed by researchers at the University of Florida, one form of tocotrienol―called “gamma-tocotrienol”―from Red Palm oil was found to accumulate within fat tissue.

In the study, the mice were randomly selected to eat from three different diet groups consisting of low fat (LF), high fat (HF) or high fat mixed with 0.05% gamma-tocotrienol.

Results showed that after just 4 weeks of supplementation, the HF/gamma-tocotrienol-fed mice had accumulated in their fat tissue significant amounts of gamma-tocotrienol that resulted in decreased weight gain in comparison to the HF non-gamma tocotrienol fed mice. In addition, the gamma-tocotrienol-fed mice showed improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Inflammation biomarker levels were monitored as well showing reduced inflammation in adipose tissue and throughout the body.

So, does this work in humans as well? Perhaps. Prior research by the primary investigator of this study showed that even a low concentration of gamma-tocotrienol added to human derived fat stem cells in culture resulted in an inhibition of fat cell synthesis.

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Red Palm Oil in Your Meals

So how do you integrate Red palm oil into your diet? Here are a few recommended suggestions:
• As a spread on your bread or on potatoes and yams

• Sprinkled over your morning oatmeal

• Warmed and poured over salads

• Replacing your typical cooking oil with Red Palm oil in its place—unlike many oils that lose their beneficial nutrients under high heat, Red Palm oil loses none of that and is great for healthy stir fry cooking.

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Image Source: Courtesy of WikiCommons

Reference: “Gamma-tocotrienol attenuates high-fat diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance by inhibiting adipose inflammation and M1 macrophage recruitment” International Journal of Obesity (21 July 2014), L Zhao, I Kang, X Fang, W Wang, M A Lee, R R Hollins, M R Marshall and S Chung.