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More Recommended Weight Training Tips for Weight Loss

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weight training for weight loss

Last week, you were provided with 5 rules on how to maximize your weight training for weight loss. So now that you’ve started adding weight training to your diet plan, here are some additional recommended weight training tips that will further help your weight loss efforts.


According to heath science experts, weight training is a must for not only building stronger bones but also to make your weight loss happen faster and less likely to yo-yo. However, according to writer Emily Abbate in a recent online issue of Prevention magazine, “…it's what you do outside of the gym that can really make a difference,” as she shares advice from Women's Health Lift to Get Lean author Holly Perkins, CSCS, who tells readers that the real boost from strength training comes after you leave the gym because that is when your body begins its recovery and repair phase that builds needed muscle.

The following is a summary of her 5 tips to make your workout build muscle faster:

1. Muscle building tip #1: Eat immediately after a workout―You’ve probably seen some bodybuilders mix and drink a protein beverage during a workout. Follow what they do and make sure your body has the nutrients it needs to begin repairing muscle tissue after a workout. Ms. Perkins recommends easily digestible protein and carbs like a chocolate or other flavored whey protein powder mixed in milk, dates with some banana and nut butter, or an apple and string cheese.

2. Muscle building tip #2: Eat again every 3 to 4 hours after your first post-workout meal or snack―Be sure to concentrate on meals and snacks that are nutritionally balanced with protein, fat and carbs.

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3. Muscle building tip #3: Stay active on your weight training rest days―Strength training requires rest days between workouts to give your muscles time to recover. However, this does not mean you should be a slug during those days. Rather, you will want to keep physically active so that blood flow is increased and feeding your recovering muscle tissue. Brisk walks and casual bike rides on those days will do the trick.

4. Muscle building tip #4: Incorporate stress prevention techniques into your lifeStress hormones like cortisol eat away muscle tissue and will sap your energy. Keep a handle on your stress with management techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, listening to music or any other activity that helps you keep your cool.

5. Muscle building tip #5: Take your sleep as seriously as you do your training―Getting an ample amount of restful sleep is important during the recovery phase of your strained muscles. Removing electronic devices from the bedroom and lowering your thermostat―as well as these other sleep aid tips―will help your body achieve a rested state.

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