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Make Your Own Vegan Ice Cream for Dieting

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Easy Vegan Ice Cream How-To Video

We all know that ice cream is one of the biggest diet killers out there. But did you know that Vegans who eat for their health and controlling their weight have their own ice cream?! Here’s how you can make your own healthier vegan ice cream while on a diet, that is a better option for that occasional indulgence or ice cream emergency.


Health experts agree that a plant-based diet is the healthiest diet you can have. And, it’s healthier for the environment, which is why many celebrities—including Arnold (the Terminator) Schwarzenegger—have turned Vegan.

But does turning Vegan mean that you have to give up on all foods that you love and have loved you back in turn―like ice cream?

Not necessarily, according to a recent showing of NBC’s Today in their segment Today Food, the producers offer the following video on how to make your own healthful vegan ice cream that is made with bananas or nut milk, and is healthier than traditional ice cream made with cream―perfect for those who suffer from lactose intolerance or food allergies.

Easy Vegan Ice Cream

Chocolate Banana 'Nice Cream' Recipe (Makes 12 servings)


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6 frozen bananas
2/3 cup cacao powder
1/2 cup almond milk
14-16 dates
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


• Peel the bananas and freeze for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.
• Add bananas, cacao powder, almond milk, dates, and vanilla extract to blender.
• Blend until thick and creamy.
• Eat and enjoy

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Reference: NBC’s TodayThis 5-ingredient healthy chocolate banana 'nice' cream will rock your world