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Make Your Butt Smaller with This Exercise Trainer Advice

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Butt exercise

Is your butt bigger than you like? Do you find that no matter how much you diet that your butt remains the biggest part of your body while the rest of you gets smaller? If so, then here is some help with a glute-focused exercise that can make your butt at least looker smaller and put a smile on your face.


Genetics can be unfair - especially when it comes to where excess fat stores on your body. For some it can be on the back and middle, for others it can be on the tummy or thighs, but the absolute worst is when it’s on your butt and dieting isn’t making it go away like it has on other parts of your body - like the breasts, as many women lament.

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Such is the unfairness of life, but keep in mind that human body morphology is not standardized. Case in point: not all body builders can achieve the same idealized shape or build they may desire no matter how much they train and lower their body fat percentage because each of us have muscles and bones that develop slightly differently from the next person in comparison.

So, if your butt is bigger than you like, don’t beat yourself up too harshly about it because your personal genetics has some say in it. The good news, however, is that with glute-focused toning exercise, you can make your butt look smaller.

According to a Q/A section of the April issue of Shape magazine, celebrity fitness trainer Jay Cardiello addresses the question, “I don’t need to lose weight, but my butt is bigger than I’d like. How can I shrink it?”

Mr. Cardiello basically points out that fat is fat and even if you don’t need to lose weight (by pound number reckoning) you may still have a high percentage of body fat that can leave you looking fatter in particular areas of the body.

His first bit of advice is to make sure that you are ridding yourself of extra body fat by following a healthy diet and burning off more calories than you take in.

In fact, some health experts recommend adding these three fat melting supplements along with dieting to help get rid of excess back, belly and butt fat.

Mr. Cardiello’s second bit of advice is to add glute-focused toning exercise to your routine. The benefit of working on the 3 gluteus muscles—maximus, medius and minimus—is that as the muscles become stronger, they also become tighter, which in turn creates the illusion of a smaller size.

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Recommended Smaller Butt Exercise Routine

His recommended gluteus muscle building exercise is to first get down on the floor in a plank position and raise your right knee up and out to hip height, while keeping your right shin parallel to the floor surface. Then, move your knee forward in circular motion for 30 seconds followed by a reverse motion for 30 seconds. After which, extend your right leg to return to the starting plank position and repeat this sequence with the left leg.

You should repeat this exercise at least three times per week and when it begins to feel easy, add on some ankle weights to give your glutes a tougher workout.

10-Minute Routine for an Athletic Butt

Here is also a short video featuring trainer Jay Cardiello on how to get an athletic butt with 10 minutes of butt-focused execise.

For more on making your butt smaller, here are 3 additional great butt exercises recommended by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak on Good Morning America.

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Reference: Shape magazine, April 2014 issue


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hello, I have a problem: my right butt cheek is bigger than the left one. I want my right butt cheek to be smaller like the left one. Can you recommend some effective exercises please.
darshini, 2 possibilities: 1. if you don't typically do glute exercises, your right glute could be larger due to untrained muscles, perhaps you are always stair climbing and using your left one more. If that is the case, do some glute exercises only using the right leg, high reps and lighter weights; donkey kicks, single leg glute kickbacks 2. if you do weight train, it could be that your left glute is the primary side in performing the exercises, it could be firing more than the right. Your alternative is to do more with the right glute to make it larger to match the left. So, 2 choices, do you want the right side to be smaller to match the left, or strengthen, the left to make it match the right? Hope that helps!!
Try doing sumo squats and lunges
Thank you very much for this article. But the problem is that my I don't care about my butt being big. I just don't like it that it is wide. Like going outwards to the side. And it really look bad when wearing jeans. :'( I hope you can help me with that. :D
Ok, let's get more details... 1. if it is due to excess fat, then try HIIT training workouts, like the FitLife with Kelli show on ChazzLive.com. We know that we cannot spot reduce fat, but overall fat loss with improve the areas where we are predisposed to storing fat 2. if it is just untrained muscles, you can start with hip abduction exercises, lateral band walks, ballerina butt lifts, use lighter weights and more reps to tone the muscle. I am sue you've heard people say, the scale shows the same but my clothes fit better...that is due to toning and tightening the muscles, they weigh the same but are toned so they take up less space. Hope that helps!
yes exactly..it's like you shouldn't be able to see my butt when you look at me from the front but you can (especially in jeans) :( it makes me looks bigger than i am
As a beginner to this exercise thing 50+ years old and 60 lbs over weight, how often should I work out? I do have a treadmill that I'v been using (on and off) for the past few months. Wanted to let you know that I did this work out (with modifications) after a 25 minute walk yesterday and I am feeling it today, Looks like I may be able to stick with this, short sweet and to the point. Thank you for posting the information.
I'm 13 I have am eight pack and I am doing OK on my muscles but my butt is big guys aren't supposed to have big butts and I feel like my butt should be ad much as a shape as my other muscles I'm 5 5 and have room to grow could that be why do I just need to grow any thing helps money is no option
You should the exercises listed on this site even if your thirteen. Yes i believe you need to grow but this also the time to look good and get a boy.
I'm a girl 7th grade my butt is really big for my age I need it smaller an healthy eating tips ? Working out may lower my blood sugar. ( yes I have type 1diabetes)
Thats a good thing
working out is good. Talk to your doctor about managing and monitoring your blood sugar when you exercise.
Iam 31 yrs old dont like my butt sticking out....wondering if you will be able to help me?????I want small butt....
make butt bigger without surgery just try to put booty wow it's just work like push up brafor the booty, and lifts the booty up without the need of padded underwear, siliconinserts, or booty enhancing pants.
im a male.but my butts are very big.i look ugly when i wear jeans.my friends says me that im a female pornstar.it is a very insulting matter to me.can you give me any solution??
plz tell me soution by exercise about same problem. i want only loose fat on buttuck not in thigs. plz tell me solution by exercise .plz plz thank you
Hi i am 17years old and i have a very big butt ! I always do aerobics and zumba exercises everyday, and somehow i am trying the thigh gap exercise, lunges, and squats and i realise it just makes my butt bigger, any tips to make my butt small?
It's the squats. I've been working out for 2 months. We took measurements before we started and just recently. We do a lot of squats in our routines and I've lost inches every but my butt. I have managed to gain 4 inches in that area. Not where I need it cause my KimK is already big enough!
I'm 17 and 4'11. My butt is the biggest thing on my body. I hate the way my body is shaped. I have a small waist, small breast, and even a thigh gap, but my butt is huge! I have people tell me that I should be black because of my but and it's kinda rude. I do the exercises but they make my butt bigger. Any suggestions? Please help!!!
I did a bunch of thigh and butt exceedizes but I just see my hips and butt getting bigger! Does anyone know how to shrink my butt, thighs, and hips?!?!?! Please help!
I have been using Dermalmd Glute Booster Serum for as out 2 months now, at about 1 week u can feel tightness. It smells really good and goes on smoothly. I have been doing butt exercise while using the Serum and u can actually see a difference, stick with exercise while using it and I'm sure u will notice results.
Am 14 and am 5'5,And My bum is so Big according to my body , And yes I diet and workout and I think it doesn't get smaller but bigger , and I play volleyball and run 2 times a week and skipping sometimes and I want it to be. Really small and to shrink it ,do u have any tips , please help!
Hi im Kelly and I'm almost 15 i hace the same problembut quess what, They may laugh at you cause you are different, but you laugh at them cause they are the same
Hello I have few queries regarding the Squats and lunges .. Firstly I have broader hips and Heavy thies and a big butt.. I have a joined nearby gym and trainers makes me do Lunges and squats with 3 sets . Each set consist of 30 Lunges and squats .I have read online that Squats and lunges makes your thies look bigger and Increase the size of Buttlocks . I maintain a proper diet . But Why do trainers suggest Squats and lunges if they makes you look more broader ? Is there any other reason ? I badly badly want to reduce them .. Please help me to understand this Concept!
Won't squats and some of the other workouts in the video recommended above make your butt even bigger?
I love Dermalmd Glute Booster serum. I have been using it for about 4 months I had a friend buy it for me bc I was ashamed to order it myself but it works I have tried all products and Dermalmd Glute Booster serum is the only supplement that has lasting results. everyone should know it takes about ninth days for anything to actually show results. I am naturally very small and I was desperate to find something that would give me the vavavavoom effect..I also exercise doing squats lunges and jumping jacks 4 days a week. Nothing gave me results like Dermalmd. I am a proud customer
how can i reduce my butt
i am a guy...and i have big butt....tell me how to reduce it
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