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Make Your Belfie More Photogenic with a New Fast Belly Fat Melting Diet

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Belly fat melting diet

Have you ever had a desire to melt away your belly fat because you felt that it's hurting your health and quality of life? According to Dr. Oz, his new belly fat melting diet plan will melt that belly fat away in no time from within by following his belly fat melt recommendations listed below:

Belly Fat Melt #1: Start your morning with a Forskolin supplement

“Instead of beating your fat from the outside, it [forskolin] burns it from the inside,” says Dr. Oz as he explains to viewers that recent studies have shown that forskolin raises testosterone levels, which in turn allows muscle and bone tissue to be added as fat is burned away. In other words, forskolin helps you lose fat only, not the lean muscle you want to keep as your belly fat melts away.

“You are going to take 125 milligrams of forskolin in the morning before you eat,” recommends Dr. Oz as he also tells viewers to be sure to buy the supplement that contains at least 10% forskolin in it.

However, forskolin does come with some potential dangers that you need to be aware of when taking this purported belly fat burning supplement.

Belly Fat Melt #2: Control hidden fat with blood sugar stabilizing spices

Dr. Oz tells viewers that the belly fat we should all be concerned about is the fat that surrounds the internal organs referred to as the “omentum”—a sheet-like layer of tissue that literally chokes the internal organs and is the source of significant inflammation.

“The reason we all get this is because we eat a lot of foods that contain what I call ‘carbage’…it’s the junk carbohydrates—refined sugars, flour, things like that,” says Dr. Oz.

In a previous episode, Dr. Oz outlined how to lose belly fat by following a wheat belly diet as well as a fat burning seaweed that works by increasing cellular metabolism, which in turn burns belly fat.

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Dr. Oz’s more recent solution to burning off the belly fat that is contained within your omentum is by taking ½ teaspoon of the following blood sugar stabilizing five spices every day: cayenne, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric and oregano.

“Make it a part of every single meal every day. These are very effective…for centuries healers have used these spices in order to deal with illnesses. And scientists and doctors like me, are just catching up on what healers have known for a long time,” says Dr. Oz.

In addition to the five aforementioned spices, you can also try a fat burning spice from Turkey that is also Oz-recommended.

Belly Fat Melt #3: Drink green tea lemonade every day

“My rapid belly melt solution here is Green tea lemonade. There are antioxidants in Green tea and the antioxidants actually encourage you to get rid of fat cells because it lets the fat cells relax,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that the trick to making an effective Green tea lemonade is to make the Green tea first by seeping for at least 20 minutes before adding ½ of a squeezed lemon to every 2 cups of freshly made Green tea. According to Dr. Oz, the biggest mistake people make is not allowing the Green tea enough time to get the antioxidants out of the tea leaves and into the water.

“You can even add a little vodka to this,” says Dr. Oz. “I want you all to drink 2 cups of my Green tea lemonade every day. You can drink it hot or cold and your melting fat will absolutely amaze you,” promises Dr. Oz.

However, while adding lemon is great for flavoring and vodka has some health benefits, research has shown that losing belly fat by drinking Green tea achieved better results with an added common chemical that they believe shows promise in the battle against obesity.

For more on how to fight belly fat, turn to this list of Dr. Oz's top belly fat fighting solutions.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show