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Make a Better Salad and Drop that Winter Weight

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Drop your winter weight with these video tips

Are you one of those dieters who adds bacon bits to salad? Here are some smarter protein alternatives for a better salad, plus a video of tips and tricks for dropping that winter weight.


We’ve heard it repeatedly—protein is a great way to curb cravings because it takes longer to digest than carbs and is not converted into sugar. However, choosing the wrong kind of protein like fat-streaked bacon is not doing your dieting efforts any good when used to top off that otherwise healthy salad.

Best Protein Add-ons for Salad

According to NBC’s Today in their recent “Summer slimdown: tips and tricks for dropping the winter weight” there are smarter protein choices you should be making for a better salad that will help curb your craving. So for your next salad, say no to bacon bits and yes to any of following better filling protein add-ons:

• Frozen shrimp
• Rotisserie chicken
• 2 hard-boiled eggs
• Cannellini beans

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But if you do not have any of the above readily available, you can supplement the green salad with a protein shake or snacks containing up to 35 grams of protein.

Drop Winter Weight at Home

As part of the Today show’s Summer Slimdown, here is some useful advice and demonstrations on how you can fit a workout into your everyday life with these tips and tricks for dropping winter weight.

But if you still feel the need to join a gym, here is some great advice on what to do before signing a gym membership.

Reference: NBC Today Summer slimdown: tips and tricks for dropping the winter weight

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