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Losing Weight While on Vacation Advice from Dr. Oz

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losing weight while on vacation

Do you dread going on vacation because you are worried that it will lead to your backsliding on your current weight loss efforts? Especially if you at one of those all-inclusive meal resorts or cruise ships! According to Doctor Oz, that does not have to happen. In fact, many people actually lose weight while on vacation when they follow his vacation weight loss tips.


"What happens when you go on vacation? Do you (A), overindulge and gain weight; or do you (B), relax and eat what you want and actually lose weight?" asks Doctor Oz as he reveals his following secrets to viewers on how to lose weight while on vacation that you can also use for weight loss once you return home.

Vacation weight loss tip #1: Order the local specialties for the freshest food

“Restaurants can be one of the biggest vacation calorie traps,” warns Dr. Oz as he points to the fact that vacationers tend to overindulge when at a new locale with exciting food choices.

The secret here is to be proactive in avoiding all processed foods and take advantage of the healthiest cuisine many countries have to offer. Not sure what to order? Dr. Oz recommends telling your waiter what you are looking for and ask him or her what they recommend as their healthiest and tastiest dishes. Often, the local specialties are prepared with the freshest food rather than shipped-in processed ingredients.

Vacation weight loss tip #2: Choose wine over mixed drinks

“Many drinks can rack up to 500 calories a pop,” says Dr. Oz referring to high-calorie margaritas and other mixed drinks that along with their fun colors are typically packed with a lot of sugar.

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But this does not mean you have to be a teetotaler while in vacation. Rather, as always, Dr. Oz is an advocate of wine for both health and relaxation. His advice is that while on vacation, you can avoid the excessive calories of mixed drinks by choosing lighter-calorie wine selections which can come to only about 150 calories in half a glass as opposed to 500 calories in a full-sized Pina Colada.

But if you still just have to have that Mai Tai, Dr. Oz recommends drinking only half of it, followed by at least an equal amount of water, before finishing off that initial drink. The benefit of doing this is that it will help keep you hydrated and prevent you from ordering that 2nd round.

Vacation weight loss tip #3: Move—not exercise

You are on vacation, so take a break from your daily workout routine. But this does not mean you should just lay there like a slug. Instead, make it a priority to get up and move. Go for long hikes and site-see. Take up an activity like snorkeling. These activities can add up to a significant amount of calories burned, while giving you an enjoyable break from your daily workout.

The other benefit of moving like this with enjoyable activities is that it provides vacationers with what they refer to as “being tired, but a good tired,” that turns into the best sleep they’ve had in a long time. And when you are well rested, that translates into even more calories burned.

“Men and women who are well rested can burn up to 20 percent more calories after a meal,” says Dr. Oz who admits that he doesn’t know why it works—just that it does.

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