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Lose Your Belly, Butt and Back Fat with 3 Fat Melting Supplements

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Back fat

Did you know that you can supercharge your hormones to melt fat fast? Not only are fluctuating hormones the reason behind your mood swings, insomnia, and lack of energy, but according to Dr. Oz new research has found that your hormonal condition may be why you are packing on the pounds.


“Do you have stubborn fat in your thighs, arms and bellies that just won’t budge? The solution is to fix your hormones,” says Dr. Oz as he tells viewers about a new fat melting weight loss solution that does not require cardio workouts or dieting.

On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz reports that there are at least ten different hormones that affect how your body loses weight and that an imbalance of even one of those hormones can sabotage your efforts to lose weight. Hormones can affect your digestive system in how it processes and absorbs nutrients and fats; how it revs or subdues your metabolism; and how it also affects where your body stores fat.

Examples of problem areas for women include high cortisol levels that lead to belly fat accumulation, excess estrogen that causes fat to build on the thighs and butt, and high insulin levels that are responsible for the buildup of dreaded back fat.

With Dr. Oz is special guest Dr. Natasha Turner, author of the book “The Supercharged Hormone Diet: a 30-day accelerated plan to lose weight, restore metabolism and feel younger longer” that is scheduled to be released next month and promises to help women find ways to melt their fat by taking control of their hormones.

“Your hormones control everything that has to do with weight loss,” says Dr. Turner. “How your body responds to exercise, how it responds to your diet, your appetite, your cravings―everything is controlled by your hormones. They dictate where you store your fat, and this gives a big indication of which of your hormones are in or out of balance.”

Dr. Turner tells viewers that one sign that your failed weight loss efforts are due to a hormone imbalance is when regardless of what you do when it comes to exercise and dieting, you still fail to lose any weight at all. Her solution for this problem is a two-step plan that will bring your hormones back into balance and allow your body to begin to melt off the fat that had previously remained so resistant.

Two-Step Plan for Melting Fat

Step 1: Detox Your Digestive Tract

“The first step has to do with detoxing your digestive tract,” says Dr. Oz as Dr. Turner explains that if you suffer from any kind of digestive trouble such as indigestion, bloating or excessive gas, that you first have to achieve a healthy digestive system in order to get your hormones back in balance. To do this, Dr. Turner recommends starting your fat melting plan with a “superhormone detox water” treatment.

Dr. Turner’s detox drink consists of mixing in 4 cups of water:

• Half of a fresh organic lemon
• 1 one-inch piece of fresh ginger root
• 1 pinch of cayenne pepper

Dr. Turner explains that the lemon is for stimulating the liver where fat is processed and that the ginger and cayenne serve dual roles by stimulating your metabolism and curbing your cravings. (See also Dr. Oz’s recommendations for natural suppressants for belly fat fighting.) Dr. Turner also recommends taking her superhormone detox drink with 35 grams of fiber to help with the detox process through your digestive system.

“No digestive detox would be complete without adding fiber to it,” says Dr. Turner.

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Step 2: Begin Taking Hormone Balancing Supplements

Dr. Oz tells viewers that depending on your body fat storage type—a big abdomen, a big bottom or a fat back―that you will enter step 2 of Dr. Turner’s fat melting plan by bringing your hormones in balance with hormone supplements.

Belly Fat

“A big middle is all about having too much cortisol. Cortisol will cause belly fat in women even if you are otherwise thin,” says Dr. Turner who recommends that women with belly fat should take a gel cap of Holy Basil supplement twice a day to decrease your cortisol levels.

Butt fat

“Weight gain in the lower half of the body is all about having too much estrogen,” says Dr. Turner. Her recommendation is to take an Indole-3-Carbinol supplement that she says will cause the liver to metabolize estrogen from the harmful fat-causing type into a healthier non-fat causing type of estrogen.

“Take 200 milligrams twice a day and combine it with fiber; that will get the estrogen out of the body and help slim the lower half of your body,” says Dr. Turner.

Back Fat

“Back fat is all about too much insulin and the best supplement that research shows it really works is something called “CLA” or Conjugated Linoleic Acid,” says Dr. Turner who warns that if you don’t take enough of it or for long enough of a time that you will not get any fat melting results. Her recommendation is to take 1500 milligrams of CLA supplement twice a day for at least 3 months in order to get results.

One Important Diet Recommendation for Balancing your Hormones

A final recommendation by Dr. Turner as part of her fat melting plan is to integrate what she calls “Glyci-Med Meals” into your diet to aid the fat melting by lowering and stabilizing your blood sugar and insulin levels. Glyci-Med meals are Mediterranean-based meals she recommends that have twice as much protein and fat in them than carbohydrates.

“When you limit insulin, you are limiting the major hormone that triggers the storage of fat in your body. So when you put two parts of protein and fat to one part of carb, you will have less insulin, better hormonal balance and less belly fat,” says Dr. Turner.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show



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