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Lose Weight with These 5 Easy Ways to Harness Your Hormones

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According to Woman’s Day writer Leslie Pepper, your hormones work against you with feeling bloated, craving carbs and gaining weight. But it does not have to be that way once you’ve learned these 5 easy ways to harness your hormones and make them work for you toward losing weight and feeling great. Listed below is a summary of the things that you can do to make your hormones your weight loss friends:

Weight loss hormone tip #1: Feel good by kicking up your natural endorphins

Endorphins are the feel-good messengers from the brain that can come from activities like jogging and sex. However, they can also be released by eating the right kinds of foods that stimulate the brain. Examples of foods that are known for their ability to kick-start your endorphins include spicy peppers, pickled jalapenos and hot sauces.

However, if spicy food is a little too harsh on your digestive system, you can also ease into it gently and effectively by making it a habit to sprinkle a dash of cayenne pepper or your own Dr. Oz recommended pepper-based weight loss supplement rather than salt over you meal, adding a mint to your drink or chewing peppermint gum.

Weight loss hormone tip #2: Become focused and alert on dope

“Dopamine” that is, which according to research has been proven to play a significant role in controlling your concentration and enhancing long-term memory. Dopamine’s weight loss power has to do with its ability to keep you focused and alert and thereby remain motivated on your weight loss goals.

Woman’s Day writes that listening to your favorite music can elicit natural dopamine production in your body as well as eating foods that are rich in the amino acid Tyrosine that can be found in cottage cheese, hard-boiled eggs and nuts.

Weight loss hormone tip #3: Control hunger hormones with dessert and sleep

Writer Leslie Pepper tells readers that the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin play an important role in keeping your weight in check. Leptin, which is released by fat cells is a hormone that not only lets your body know when you’ve had enough to eat, but also determines whether that sandwich is stored as fat or used as energy. Ghrelin, a hormone that you experience first thing in the morning, is produced in the stomach and sends signals to the brain telling it that your body is hungry.

Woman’s Day magazine recommends that in order to keep your leptin levels high and your ghrelin levels low, that you need to get your 8 hours of sleep at night and make sure to have a carbo and protein rich breakfast that includes a small serving of a cookie or chocolate cake to suppress your ghrelin-induced cravings for the rest of the day.

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Both Dr. Oz and the writers of Prevention magazine advise that one way to blast belly fat is to eat your breakfast slowly to give your ghrelin levels time to drop and let your brain know that your body has had enough nourishment.

Weight loss hormone tip #4: Get happy on the love hormones

Oxytocin and progesterone are often referred to as the love or bonding hormones produced by body. While oxytocin is typically referred to as the hormone that initiates lactation and bonding with a newborn infant, studies have shown that oxytocin in women can also induce feelings of kinship, trust and love with other adults. Progesterone, too, has been found at increased levels when friends hangout with each other.

Getting and being happy works toward weight loss by actively decreasing the amount of the fat-inducing stress hormone cortisol. Women’s Day recommends getting happy by raising your love hormones through singing, walking arm-in-arm with a loved one and/or petting an animal.

Weight loss hormone tip #5: Boost your body confidence

Testosterone is not just for men, women make it too―albeit at much lower levels. One of the benefits of testosterone for women is that it makes you feel more assertive and can increase your self-confidence. But hang onto your female estrogen too as this hormone is essential for healthy glowing skin and a good mood.

Exercising with short bursts of intense activity has been found to increase testosterone levels in women. One recommendation is to infuse your walks every 3-5 minutes with 30-second sprints to get your testosterone levels up and help you burn more calories.

On the diet side of the weight loss equation, foods high in zinc are necessary for both testosterone and estrogen production. Experts advise that a minimum of 25 mg of zinc a day is needed, which can be found in 6 ounces of lean beef, a cup of yogurt, ½ cup of pumpkin seeds or a square of dark chocolate.

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Reference: Woman’s Day magazine April 2013