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Lose Weight with This Surprising Natural Appetite Suppressant That’s Healthy for You

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Losing Weight with natural appetite suppressant

Don’t reach just for any appetite suppressant supplement to curb your hunger pains and lose weight. According to Dr. Oz, there is a new natural appetite suppressant that will not only stop your hunger and help you lose weight, but is healthy for you as well.


There are a wide range of differing types of appetite suppressants available on the internet leaving the consumer to wonder which really work and which are just hype. Furthermore, some of those appetite suppressants or other weight loss type supplements have been found to actually be unhealthy or have severe side effects in some users. But a few―like the Saffron Extract appetite suppressant that is natural―have been found to be relatively safe and have some scientific validity to them for curbing appetite.

In a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz helps viewers with their weight loss by finding an all-natural appetite suppressant that he believes really works.

“Are you always hungry and you never feel full? Are you constantly watching the clock, just waiting for your next meal? If so, then I am going to let you on a little secret that’ll help you curb your appetite big time―even overnight,” says Dr. Oz as he reveals his latest appetite suppressant—hulled barley.

Hulled barley is a nut-like grain with a chewy consistency that according to Dr. Oz is the healthiest of the barley types used as food. Part of its appetite suppressing ability is that it is filled with bulky fiber that makes your stomach feel fuller longer. But that’s not all. As it turns out, hulled barley also blocks the hunger hormone Ghrelin from signaling to your brain that you are hungry.

“Hulled barley―it just may be the new alternate appetite suppressant to help you win the battle of the bulge,” says Dr. Oz. “I like to call hulled barley ‘Mother Nature’s skinny sponge’ because what it does is that it soaks up your hunger.”

Dr. Oz explains to viewers that hulled barley has several benefits to it for weight loss:

• Of all the grains available, hulled barley is the richest in fiber because its fiber content is not stripped away during processing as many grains are.

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• It digests very slowly and actually thickens inside the stomach as it absorbs liquids and solids. One-half cup of hulled barley can stay in your stomach as long as 16 hours.

• It is 20-30% more effective toward keeping your blood sugar levels stable than other grains, which in turn helps prevent hormonal spikes that add to weight gain.

To put hulled barley to the test, Dr. Oz recruited 3 viewers to try hulled barley on a daily basis for three days. According to the test participants, all 3 testified that on a scale of 1-10 where their hunger was normally around 9, that eating hulled barley lowered their hunger to about a 2-3 on the hunger scale. Furthermore, one testified that she lost 3 pounds in 3 days and 1 inch off of her waist.

So how do you eat hulled barley? Dr. Oz tells viewers that it can be cooked in hot water just like rice. However, hulled barley takes longer to cook from its raw state, so it prepares best if you soak it in water overnight and then cook it the next day—preferably in a big batch ahead of time for your future meals.

Dr. Oz’s recommendation is to eat ½ cup of hulled barley to replace the starches in your diet such as potatoes and pasta. The cooked hulled barley can be added to breakfast dishes such as your morning oatmeal; or, mixed in with pasta dishes as a pasta substitute or made into a chili.

The other plus behind hulled barley is that it is easily available in most grocery stores and typically costs less than ten dollars a pound. Look for packaging that says either “hull-less barley,” “hulled barley” or “whole barley” on the label.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show