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Lose Weight the Smart Way with This New Diet Pill Guide

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Losing weight smart way

How do you choose a diet pill? Is it by the marketing claims, the testimonials, or because it was something you heard about on TV? Today you can change how you choose a diet pill and begin to lose weight the smart way with this diet pill guide provided by Dr. Oz.

“Thanks to new obesity research, your doctor might write you a prescription for a new diet drug or suggest an herbal supplement,” says Dr. Oz as he reveals to viewers his new guide to the most popular weight loss pills available everywhere and how to pick the correct diet pill based on your personal food triggers.

With Dr. Oz is special guest Gretchen Phillips, M.D. who tells Dr. Oz that one reason why some diet pills work for some people, but not for others is due to the food types that trigger your hunger and cause you to eat more than you should.

“Diet pills can be a great way to jumpstart weight loss,” says Dr. Phillips. “There are different kinds out there. They are not only good to start a diet, but sometimes if you hit a plateau and the scales is not moving when you are doing your best, they can keep things moving and get you back on track.”

To get your weight loss back on track, Dr. Phillips tells viewers that it all starts by taking a frank look at what you are eating and what your cravings are like. Based on that info, you can then select a diet pill that is right for you and significantly increase your chances of weight loss success.

“If it’s fats, if it’s carbs, if it’s little cravings that you have a hard time controlling—there’s a diet pill that can help you specifically. If they don’t work, then you might be targeting the wrong part of your diet,” says Dr. Phillips.

To help viewers with their weight loss efforts, Dr. Oz and Dr. Philips offer the following diet pills to match your diet and weight loss needs:

Diet pills for high fat, high calorie eaters: FBCx and Alli

People who have a preference for high fat foods or those rich in calories are the ones who need to take diet pills such as FBCx and Alli that work as fat blockers.

“These work by binding fat after you’ve eaten. It goes through the digestive system so it doesn’t accumulate in the body,” says Dr. Phillips.

FBCx is a natural water-soluble fiber that is categorized as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA and is used in weight loss foods and other products.

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Dr. Oz explains that normally, the release of bile during the digestive process helps with the absorption of fat into the body through the intestines. However, by taking a fat blocker type diet pill, the active ingredients of the diet pill binds to fat and prevents their absorption. According to Dr. Oz, “You literally poop out the fat.”

Both Dr. Oz and Dr. Phillips state that you should see results in about 3 months; however, be forewarned that one potential side effect of taking fat blockers is the risk of uncontrolled anal leakage

Diet pills for those who feel constantly hungry: Belviq, Qsymia & Orixigen

“These are some very interesting new prescriptions that are available. They have been evaluated by the FDA,” says Dr. Phillips. “Belviq and Qsymia are already available by prescription. And, Orixigen is a new one that the FDA is looking at that might be available by prescription soon. They all work by changing your brain chemicals to make you feel fuller faster, and to decrease your hunger.

Belviq in particular has gained attention by its ability to suppress appetite and increase feelings of satiety after eating smaller amounts of food than usual for an individual.

Dr. Phillips cautions that these diet pills might not be for everybody due to the fact that the active ingredients alter the serotonin levels in the brain much like antidepressants do. Therefore, these medications might be contraindicated for some people with seizure disorders or suffer from depression or other psychiatric disorders. Dr. Phillips tells viewers that they should discuss the pros and cons with their doctor before taking any of these medications.

Again, give the medication 3 months to see if it is the correct diet pill for your particular body and dieting needs.

Diet pills for boosting metabolism: Dieters beware!

“This is the category I have the most reservations about,” says Dr. Phillips. “They have chemicals in them that increase the ephedra in your body. Well, that increases the temperature in your body to hopefully burn more calories. The problem is that while you do that, you are increasing your temperature, increasing your heart rate, increasing your blood pressure, and in anybody with a history of heart disease, high blood pressure or seizure disorders—that can be terribly, terribly dangerous,” says Dr. Phillips.

Dr. Oz agrees with Dr. Phillips and recommends that viewers should avoid diet pill aids advertised as strong metabolism boosters such as caffeine pills and the supplements “Ma Huang” and “Bitter Orange.”

Dr. Oz recommends boosting your metabolism more gently and naturally by drinking coffee and taking certain spices such as these 3 “Eat Yourself Skinny Fat Burning Foods” for weight loss that will not harm the body while nudging your metabolism to burn a little hotter.

For more about diet pills, here is another reason why you might not have lost any weight in the past with this one popular diet pill in particular.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show