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Lose Weight with Sex and Other Myths

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Losing weight

When it comes to losing weight, it can be hard to separate myths from facts. For example, does having sex really burn off a lot of calories? Read on and discover what works and what doesn’t from a nutritionist who helps dieters separate fact from fiction.


In a recent NBC news reports, special guest Nutritionist Dr. Michelle Cardel alerts viewers to the fact when it comes to dieting and losing weight, that here are a lot of long-standing beliefs that really don’t hold up under scientific scrutiny.

To help dieters with fat facts, the following are some obesity myths she pointed out that are not necessarily true:

Fat Myth #1: You have to eat breakfast in order to lose weight. According to Dr. Cardel, a recent randomized controlled trial published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that while eating breakfast is a good health practice, it does not translate into weight loss when dieting. In the study, two randomly selected groups of dieters were instructed to either eat breakfast every morning or skip breakfast every morning while dieting. The end result was that neither group demonstrated more or less weight loss than the other.

Fat Myth #2: You shouldn't snack if you are trying to lose weight. As it turns out according to some randomized controlled trials, snacking does not inhibit your ability to lose weight. Possibly closer to the truth is that it’s the types of snacks that makes or breaks this weight loss myth. Dr. Cardel recommends choosing snacks that are high in fiber and have protein such as an apple with hummus, a small salad, or Greek yogurt topped with nuts and berries to help keep your feeing satiated during the day between meals.

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Fat Myth #3: Eating more fruits and vegetables will help you lose weight. Simply adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is not a panacea for inducing your body to burn off fat. Rather, it nothing else changes―such as increasing your exercise levels and controlling what you normally eat—that additional fruit and veggies will just add more calories to your diet. What you should be doing is replacing your high-calorie meal items with added fruits and vegetables for generating a lower daily calorie count.

Fat Myth #4: Chocolate makes you fat. The truth, as shown in at least one study, is that calories are calories regardless if they came from chocolate or from another type of sweet snack. When you choose to eat chocolate, however, go for the dark kind that had less milk sugar in it and more antioxidants. Dr. Cardel told viewers that due to the antioxidant content in dark chocolate, some studies have shown it can increase your HDL cholesterol (the good kind) while decreasing oxidation of LDL cholesterol (the bad kind).

Fat Myth #5: Sex burns a lot of calories. Yeah…well…while it’s possible to burn a lot of calories during sex, you’d have to a put a whole lot more effort into your “putting out” than is probably worth the trouble if sex is used solely as a way to lose weight. As it turns out, the average sexual encounter is only six minutes long and results in only burning about 21 calories.

For more health myths, here are some myths about losing belly fat that can help you learn what works and what doesn’t for weigh loss.

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