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Lose Weight Just 10 Minutes per Day with These Easy Yoga Moves

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Yoga for weight loss

Are you looking for something besides (or to supplement) dieting and strength training for losing those unwanted pounds? Here’s one man’s discovery on how yoga is great for losing weight, and a video on how to do nine easy yoga moves in just 10 minutes to help you shed those unwanted pounds.


Yoga is gaining in popularity as one weight loss method that is making believers out of people who previously would never have considered themselves becoming one of those incredibly lean, floor-mat contortionists. But did you know that people with weight issues can benefit from yoga as well? Even if you weigh more than 600 pounds?! In a recent article in People magazine online, 669-pound Richard Widmark is proof that yoga is doable for overweight and obese people after discovering that he lost 16 pounds in just a few weeks of yoga and now has hope toward finally trimming down after years of obesity.

As quoted in People magazine, Mr. Widmark assures readers that his personal experience with yoga is something he wants to share with others who want to lose weight, but who may have not considered that yoga has a place for everyone―even those categorized as morbidly obese.

"Something changed in me and I really enjoyed going," stated Mr. Widmark. "I think I found my passion with yoga. I see myself in the future teaching it to people who are in the position that I'm in now, people who might be scared to walk through the door."

However, if this is not enough to get you to take the challenge of walking into a yoga studio, yoga is something that you can do in the privacy of your own home. In a recent issue of Prevention magazine online, yoga teacher Jillian Pransky shows viewers in the following video demonstration how to perform nine easy yoga moves in just 10 minutes per day.

Easy Yoga Moves You Can Do at Home

Why Yoga Works for Weight Loss

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Yes, you can work up quite a sweat and burn some calories by doing yoga. However, as it turns out, even relatively gentle yoga―as demonstrated in the aforementioned video―can work wonders toward weight loss. Here’s why:

1. Yoga is based on relaxation; and as such, yoga helps enthusiasts physiologically by lowering their stress level. Stress causes the release of cortisol—a well-studied hormone that promotes fat accumulation around the waist. Therefore, yoga—even gentle yoga—offers this added benefit by helping you not break into an unhealthy sweat from worrying or stressing out over everyday life issues.

2. Research shows that yoga cultivates healthy living that can lead to weight loss. According to research published in the journal Qualitative Health Research, when 25 obese women took up at-home yoga for 12 weeks, they found themselves better able to control their binge eating habits. According to the study, yoga helped the women discover a healthy reconnection to food and cultivate present-moment awareness making them self-aware (mindful) of their eating habits, and thereby resulting in positive changes in their eating habits.

For more about how yoga can benefit you, here are some tips on how to really work up a yoga sweat with some "Hot" Bikram Yoga.


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