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Lose Weight Fast with Dr. Oz's Best No-Diet Diet Tricks for Successful Weight Loss

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Eating to lose weight is the focus of an episode of The Dr. Oz Show as Dr. Oz reveals his no-diet diet tricks that he has gathered over the years that can help everyone lose more weight regardless of their body type and where they currently are with their weight loss efforts.

“I’ve pulled together more than a dozen weight loss jewels that work for every body type,” says Dr. Oz as he introduces viewers to the following weight loss tricks and tips of which 6 select tricks are summarized below:

Weight Loss Trick #1: Slice up your food

By slicing up the food on your plate before you sit down to eat, you will make it look like that your dinner plate of food is larger than it would with the food presented unsliced. The result is that it provides your subconscious with a visual cue that can help you eat less because the brain is filled with an expectation of fullness as you fill your stomach.

“Visually, it tricks you into thinking that you are eating more and it slows down your eating intake,” says Dr. Oz as he points to research that has shown that people tend to eat 25% less food when their meals are sliced up before sitting down to eat, which he says can add up to a loss of 1 pound per week.

Weight Loss Trick #2: Barley for breakfast

“Barley is known for fighting hunger cravings,” says Dr. Oz as he recommends substituting occasionally your typical breakfast meal with hulled, unprocessed barley that packs a whopping 6 grams of fiber that will prevent sugar spikes in your blood and keep you feeling full until lunchtime so that you will not need a morning snack. By incorporating one serving of barley as a meal, you will cut out approximately 300 calories from your daily intake.

Weight Loss Trick #3: Substitute trigger foods with healthy choices

Trigger foods are those that induce us to binge eat by encouraging continual snacking until every last bit is gone from bag or a box as opposed to eating just a few pieces. The trick of substituting trigger foods such as pizza, chocolates and buttered popcorn with healthier choices such as salmon, string beans and quinoa came from actress and Oz-guest Valerie Bertinelli.

Ms. Bertinelli reportedly has kept her weight down by replacing her trigger foods with ones she prefers, like quinoa― a grain-like plant grown for its edible seeds that some studies have attributed to having anti-inflammatory properties that are obesity-preventing ―saying that it can help you lose up to 3 pounds per week.

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Weight Loss Trick #4: Get pickled

“A little bit of vinegar in pickled vegetables can really do a lot of good…vinegar not only controls our blood sugar levels, but it can also reduce the amount of insulin released into the body,” says fitness/nutrition expert and Oz-guest Traci Mitchell. She tells viewers that you do not have to stick to pickled cucumbers, but can also get the blood sugar lowering and nutritional benefits of other pickled vegetables such as from pickled tomatoes, cabbage and asparagus.

Dr. Oz explains that it is the acetic acid in pickled vegetables that has been found to help control blood sugar levels when eating starchy foods. His recommendation is to eat 1-2 servings of pickled vegetables before digging into a starchy meal.

Weight Loss Trick #5: Metamucil before every meal

“Take one glass of Metamucil 30 minutes before every meal. And because it is 100% cilium fiber, which of course keeps you full longer, you’ll actually be able to reduce the amount of food you eat because it gives your body time to register that you are no longer hungry―it gives you a physical response so that you are less likely to overeat,” says Dr. Oz. His recommended dose is up to 7 grams of Metamucil per day, divided up over three doses in 8 ounces of water each before each meal.

Weight Loss Trick #6: Soup with every meal

Eating soup with every meal is one no-diet diet trick suggested by one of Dr. Oz’s viewers who says that when she incorporated this habit into her life that she lost 155 pounds as was shown in a striking before and after image provided by Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz says that eating soup―or clear soup broth as suggested by his guest―with every meal reduces your calorie intake with each meal by up to 20 percent, which over time can result in significant weight loss.

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