Lose Weight and Make Money This New Year with a Weight Loss Contest

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Would you like to see how much weight you can lose in 30 days AND win a prize of $25,000? Check out this new weight loss challenge by a well-known dieting company and see how you can lose weight and make money at the same time.


The Slimfast diet corporation is offering the potential to receive a check in the amount of $25,000 and the opportunity to become a Slimfast spokesperson in their 30-day “Slimfast Slim Down” contest. As a Slimfast spokesperson, your body and weight loss success story will be featured as part of a publicity campaign to help promote weight loss through the Slimfast line of weight loss products.

During a 30-day period of your choosing between now and March 31, 2015 you have the opportunity to show your New Year weight loss resolution success. Requirements include date-stamped before and after photos of yourself and a 400-word essay or short video that tells readers how Slimfast helped make your personal weight loss a success story through any or all of their Slimfast products such as Slimfast Protein Meal Shakes, Slimfast Protein Meal Bars, Slimfast Protein Powder Shakes, or Slimfast Snack Bars.

The typical Slimfast diet plan—such as their guaranteed lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks plan—consists of what they refer to as the Slimfast “3-2-1 Plan” where every day for 2 weeks the dieter eats two 200-calorie Slimfast meal replacements, three 100-calorie snacks (Slimfast snack bars, fruits, veggies, or even nuts), and one 500-calorie meal that you provide for a daily calorie count of 1,200 calories. Thirty minutes of daily light or medium exercise is recommended along with drinking plenty of water.


However, you do not have to adhere to the typically recommended plan, but can implement any of your choosing or of your own creation as long as you use Slimfast products and can attest to how the products helped you lose weight.

Furthermore, this is not a Biggest Loser becomes biggest winner scenario as the judging will be conducted by sponsor selected representatives who will base 60% of their vote on the submitted essay or video content focusing on the most inspiring Slimfast weight loss story and accompanying photos; and, 40% of their vote on actual weight loss percentage. Judging will be completed on or about April 30, 2015.

For more about the finer details of the contest go to slimfast.com and submit your contest application online as soon as you feel ready to get your weight loss game on.

For a reference on a variety of diet plans that you can try and modify with Slimfast products, here are some dieting methods that have helped others discover weight loss success.

Reference: Slim fast 30 Day Slim Down Contest—“Win $25,000 & Be The New Face of Slimfast!”


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