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Lose Weight by Adding More Fiber to Your Meals with These Great Tips

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Weight Loss with Fiber

The news is out that adding fiber to your diet is not only healthy for the body, but can also lead to increased weight loss while dieting. To help dieters integrate the recommended extra 30 grams of fiber per day into their meals, here are some great tips on how to add more fiber to any meal.


According to a recent study published this week, many dieters may benefit more during their dieting if they stick to simple changes that are not as onerous as many diet plans tend to be. One change that researchers found that worked almost as well toward weight loss as a multi-component plan developed by The American Heart Association, is to just simply add more fiber to your daily diet. As it turns out, most Americans are eating only about one-sixth of the fiber that they should.

While there are many types of fiber-filled meals that can help you achieve that fiber count in just one dish, here are some easy tips for sneaking in a little fiber at time by adding these following recommendations to each meal:

Fiber Stuffer #1: Chia Seeds―at 5.5 grams of fiber per tablespoon, it’s one of the most fiber-filled foods you can spoon onto your meals and not even know that it’s there doing its job for added weight loss. You can add it to the batter in cookies when baking; or, use it as a thickening agent in your next weight loss smoothie.

Fiber Stuffer #2: Flaxseed Meal―providing about 3.8 grams of fiber in two-tablespoon servings, flaxseed meal is another easy-to-hide fiber in both your baked goods like muffins or pancakes, or even in fish breading for a low-fat, low-calorie meal while dieting and getting in some extra omega-3 fatty acids. It can also be sprinkled directly into your morning bowl of oatmeal or mixed in with a small container of your favorite yogurt.

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Fiber Stuffer #3: Grated Carrots―a great source of Vitamin A, carrots also provide a fair amount of fiber that can be hidden in any number of ways such as mixing it into banana bread dough or even pizza dough before baking.

Fiber Stuffer #4: Pureed Vegetables―again, not quite as high in fiber for its mass as chia seeds or flaxseed meal, but pureed vegetables do provide additional nutrients along with natural fiber. One tasty recommendation is to beef up your store-bought pasta sauces with some added pureed spinach, squash and/or cauliflower while heating the sauce in a pot before serving.

Fiber Stuffer #5: High-Fiber Crackers—one of Dr. Oz’s favorites for preventing overeating at a party, high-fiber crackers also work great as a healthy snack to munch on while on the go, or as a way to feel fuller before dining at a party. Dr. Oz recommends having a 6-gram, high-fiber cracker with a glass of water to help slow down the absorption of fat before a rich meal.

For more about how to get more fiber into your day, here is an informative article on how fiber can help dieters with diabetes.

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