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Lose Half Your Weight without Surgery Advice from Someone Who Did It

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Dieter reveals extreme weight loss without surgery is possible

Is it possible to lose half your weight without having to resort to weight loss surgery—even if you weigh over 500 pounds?! Here’s how one dieter found that it is possible.


Here is one man’s story recently reported on NBC affiliate station WTOV 9 of how at just a little over 500 pounds and a lifetime of obesity, he did prove to himself and others that weight loss without surgery is possible.

Jonathan Coffman’s Weight Loss Secret

Jonathan Coffman’s weight loss success is an inspiration to others that anyone can go from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful as they discover that those pounds do come off when the effort is made and maintained.

"I encourage anybody who needs to lose weight and wants to lose weight to give it a try," Coffman said. "It's something you gotta do for yourself, but it's definitely possible."

As it turns out, there’s no secret to what worked for him. If anything, the key message is that determination and a realistic self-awareness that when some habits are just too difficult to break, that it’s better to accept the fact for what it is, move on and not give up. Coffman admits that he continued his worst habit—eating out 7 days a week—but in turn focused on other habits that he could manage such as eating healthier options like protein-packed foods, joining weight watchers, joining a fitness center, and keeping some of his old clothing as reminders of how far he has come along his weight loss journey.

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