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Lose Up to 75 Pounds in 6 Months by Eating Like a Cavewoman with the Paleo Diet

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Paleo diet and women's weight loss

According to a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, the Paleo Diet has revolutionized how some people are losing weight with reports of significant weight loss of up to 75 pounds in 6 months simply by eating less like an apartment dweller and more like a cavewoman.

“Paleo followers believe that the heavily processed American diet is making us sick and even shortening our lifespan. By sticking to what our prehistoric ancestors ate—meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds—pro-Paleos say that not only will you lose weight, but it will also help prevent diabetes, heart disease and cancer,” says Dr. Oz as he shows viewers how they can uncover their own personal Paleo code for losing weight and gaining better health.

With Dr. Oz are Paleo diet experts Nell Stephenson, author of the book “Paleoista,” and Paleo Diet author Chris Kresser who wrote the popular “Your Personal Paleo Code.”

These Oz experts of the Paleo Diet told viewers that it is a successful weight loss program and not a fad diet as so many other diet plans are. The Paelo diet, they explain, is based on the kinds of foods our forebears ate of which our genetics has evolved around for creating a healthy body.

“The Paleo Code is all about personalizing your Paleo diet to meet your genetic needs and genetic blueprint. A lot of people have fantastic results with the Paleo diet and in my work with hundreds of patients I have seen miraculous transformations. But some people have trouble sticking with it over the long term because they find it too restrictive. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way,” says Mr. Kresser.

“If you can identify your Paleo code, then you can lose a tremendous amount of weight,” adds Ms. Stephenson. “Sometimes up to 75 pound in six months.”

According to Dr. Oz, to identify your personal Paleo code, you will first need to determine which of the following two Paleo types you are:

Paleo Code Type #1: The High Volume Eater

This type are those kinds of eaters who eat in response to stress, need large quantities of food in order to feel full, and/or struggles with the issue of mindless eating.

For Paleo code types who are high volume eaters, on the Paleo code diet they are allowed to eat large quantities of food without having to count calories.

“The problem with counting calories is that it doesn’t work for most people,” says Mr. Kresser. “Up to two-thirds of the people who count calories not only gain back the weight they lost, but they gain back even more weight.”

The food the type 1 is allowed to eat as much of as they wish (with a few exceptions) include:

• Non-starchy green leaf and colored veggies that are full of fiber and water.

• Starchy vegetables and fruits limited to sweet potatoes, yams and plantains. Avoid white rice, potatoes and corn.

• Healthy fats from avocadoes, coconut oil and olive oil.

• Full fat diary such as milk, cottage cheese, cheese, etc. (1/2 cup or less) up to twice a day.

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• Legumes 3 times a week.

• Muscle-building, protein-filled food such as steak, eggs, pork chops, turkey, fish and seafood.

“Protein is especially important and I recommend that people eat it with every meal,” advises Mr. Kresser.

Dr. Oz explains that why meat is so important to this diet for losing weight is that when a body is on a primarily carb diet, that the carbs are quickly turned into sugar. This in turn causes a sugar spike that then results in fat being deposited in the body when the body cannot handle the sugar overload. However, when a person’s diet is switched from a carb diet to a meat one, the protein in the meat not only takes longer to digest and thereby keeps you satiated, but it also requires significant calorie burning to process the excess protein.

“You rev up your metabolism. You get lean muscle built up and you shed it [body fat] off,” says Dr. Oz. “That’s the breakthrough idea here—especially when it comes to things like protein.”

Paleo Code Type #2: The Cheater

This type are those kind of eaters who cannot stick to a diet, need flexibility in their diet, are nighttime eaters and have strong sugar cravings.

“I feel that women have an issue during the day when they are not eating enough nutrients and often are not eating enough calories with the good intention that they are on a diet,” says Ms. Stephenson. "So, by the time the afternoon rolls around, they’ve got low blood sugar and so it’s very easy to reach for a poor quality snacky, sugary food. And that, coupled with the busy pace of life―juggling kids, juggling jobs, paying the bills―leads to the situation where a lot of us just emotionally feel that we need a treat. And the Paleo Code 2 allows for this.”

For Paleo code eaters of this type, the diet plan solution is as follows:

1. Build a Paleo plate for every meal that consists of a plate filled to 2/3 with healthy vegetables and 1/3 with meat (about the size of your hand). Then, add on just a little healthy fat such as a half of an avocado and a slice of apple or a few grapes.

“Sticking to this plate with what most of your meals are going to be comprised of will allow wiggle room to have that cheat now and then,” says Ms. Stephenson.

2. You can have 3 cheat meals per week. Examples of your cheat meal include a hamburger with fries, a slice of chocolate cake, or a few tacos. The limitation here is to keep the cheat meal portion small.

According to Ms. Stephenson, allowing yourself a cheat meal (with limitations) you are helping yourself to eventually transition toward the recommended diet of the Paleo code type 1 eater.

3. You are allowed one Paleo dessert every night. One recommendation is a shake made from coconut water blended with a ripe banana and an avocado. You can also add a teaspoon of vodka to it and some spinach to give it a little more nutrient.

For more on how to create your own Paleo diet meals go to The Dr. Oz Show website for additional recommendations and ideas.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show



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