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Lose 15 pounds in 1 Week with the 5 Bite Diet Plan

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15 pounds weight loss

Would you like to lose 15 pounds in just one week and then continue to lose even more weight over the long term? That’s what one doctor promises on The Dr. Oz Show with a new diet plan that he designed based on his observations on how eating like a gastric surgery patient can help you lose weight - but without the surgery.


"The secret to losing 15 pounds in one week is eating anything that you want, but just 5 bites a meal,” says Dr. Oz as he introduces his special guest Dr. Alwin Lewis, the creator of “The 5-Bite Diet” plan. Dr. Lewis tells viewers that his diet plan originates from the 5 bites per meal regimen of gastric bypass patients. When he tried the diet on himself, and then on his obese and overweight patients, he found that both he and they lost significant amounts of weight. See why Gastric Bypass surgery really works.

5 Bite Diet Plan in a Video Snapshot

“I’ve treated about 815 patients for weight loss. I have a total of 16,115 pounds lost. You don’t have to spend any extra money on food and you don’t even have to engage in a regular exercise routine. The 5 bite diet will absolutely get you to your goal whatever your goal might be,” promises Dr. Lewis.


So what does a 5 bite diet entail? As an example, Dr. Oz and Dr. Lewis showed viewers a sampling of what the meal plan for one day looks like for someone on a 5 bite diet:

Breakfast: A cup of black coffee and a multivitamin pill

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Dr. Lewis explains that the reason for no food for breakfast is that he believes that since a person has not eaten since dinner the night before, that the body is now in a fasting mode upon waking up in the morning. He believes that by extending the fasting period just a few hours longer actually induces the body to consume even more abdominal fat right off as you start your day. The multivitamin is to ensure that you are not starving nutritionally.

Lunch: 5 bites of anything

One example shown on stage is a small hamburger divided into 5 bite-size pieces. Dr. Lewis tells viewers that to him 5 bites of a hamburger is an excellent choice because it provides protein with some nutrients and because it tastes good and is very satisfying to most taste buds.

“The key to any successful diet is that you are able to follow it, that you are taking in food that you enjoy,” says Dr. Lewis.

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Dinner: 5 bites of anything

For dinner, Dr. Lewis provides 3 bites of macaroni and cheese with 2 bites of apple pie as being acceptable choices for his diet plan.

However, Dr. Oz appears not to be buying into the idea that people can follow this diet plan and still be healthy. Dr. Oz explains that to be healthy the body needs to take in specific nutrients such as iron, calcium, magnesium, protein, healthy fats, good carbohydrates, etc. all of which are derived from eating enough of the right kinds of food. Without any of these diet building blocks, he tells viewers that the human body will crumble and start falling down.

“You might be smaller, but it’s not the right way… not the healthy way. It’s not about the calories―it’s about the nutrients,” says Dr. Oz explaining his reasons for why he does not believe this diet is healthy.

Dr. Lewis counters Dr. Oz’s concerns by stating that he believes that people on his diet will not be nutritionally deficient because the body in his opinion stores enough of these nutrients throughout a month of eating foods this way.

“What I am giving patients―or people―is control. We all know how to gain weight. We know how to put on five pounds in a weekend. But what we don’t have is good control over how to lose that weight just as quickly, just as easily. What I am doing is giving patients that ability,” says Dr. Lewis.

While Dr. states that what he finds positive about the 5 bite diet is that it helps make people mindful of every bite they take in, he expresses concern that engaging in this kind of eating behavior will lead to nutritional problems.

“My concern with the 5 bite diet is that it’s a real temptation for unhealthy foods that throws our body out of balance. The real goal, I think, ought to be to be on a diet that will keep people healthy and skinny at the same time—not one or the other. I don’t want you counting anything―it’s the nutrients, not the calories or the bites,” recommends Dr. Oz.

However, if keeping track of calories or what you've eaten or what you plan to eat is something you want to do towards your weight loss, here is what Dr. Domenica M. Rubino--a representative of the Obesity Society--has to say on the latest word on diet tracking devices.

As an example of how to lose weight in a healthy way as recommended by Dr. Oz, here is a plan by Dr. Oz on how to lose up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks and a plan on how to lose that stubborn belly fat without fasting.

Image Source: Courtesy of The Dr. Oz Show

Reference: The Dr. Oz Show



Has anyone done this yet.. Id like to hear of some results! :)
I started this diet on Sunday the 10th of August. Today is Thursday the 14th of August. I lost 10 pounds so far. It is going well with little side effects. Some hunger pangs but that's about it.
Hi, does this actually work
Well I hope it does because loosing 15 pounds in a week seems insane
Yes Kerrin, I'm presently doing it. I started July 7, 2014 and I've lost 31.5 lbs thus far. That's in 35 days. Puffball it honestly works though it may be a stretch to hope you'll lose 60 lbs by September. You could likely lose 35 a 40 by then if you follow it closely and that would obviously make a significant difference. 60 by some time in October may be possible.
I'm trying to do it but I'm scared if I lose muscle.
Hi I was wondering if you ate 3 meals a day everyday or how many meals a day you ate
You can drink all the water you want on this diet right? After all, it is calorie-less.
ive started doing this yesterday and still kinda worried that it might not work. i weigh 165 and would love to lose about 35 pounds by november. think it will work? ill get back to you guys if i see results.
It will be fine Alyssa, just don't cheat. You just need to keep it to 5 bites for each meal. go for it. !!
If someone knows please answer can you drink water anytime of the day?
Hi, yes of course. Staying hydrated is very important and since water has 0 calories there is no calorie contribution. Good luck!
Yes, you need to drink lots of water.
you can do the diet and drink lost of water but in the water you can squeeze a half a lemon or lime and it will clenze your body and fill you up more so you are not taking in as much food. I am 14 and I am about 55 pounds over weight I am going to try the 5 bite diet plan and the water other people who are over weight should try it to.
I lose a pound a day doing this diet. I have one cheat day on Saturdays by eating what I want. I usually gain one pound back but I don't care. Sunday I start again and by Monday, the pound is off ;). I drink lots of water with lemon and one black coffee. Take a fun multivitamin like the gummie bears so it feels like you had breakfast and I take a chewable Vit C pill. I've lost 50 lbs in 50 days. Love this diet
Good for you 50 pounds is a bunch. I'm still doing fine with my 15. About 5 more I'm thinking. Keep it up.
since obese people are that way because they overeat, it makes sense to help them reprogram portion size. hopefully it will allow them to see that with sipping on water throughout the day what they thought was hunger was really just dehydration. then they can gradually build from "5 bites" to a REGULAR size portion.... not an obese person version. rewarding yourself with a "cheat day" is setting yourself up for failure, instead give yourself a non-food reward! volunteer at a food bank, food kitchen, etc also puts it into perspective the difference between "living to eat" and "eating to live". I hope everybody who needs to lose weight successfully gains the will power to stick to a healthy lifestyle so they can feel good about themselves and to help others.
Im currently 170 pounds and want to loose 80 pounds by October 12 , will this diet work for me ?
I currently weigh 131.2 pounds. And I'm hoping to have at leasts 30 pounds or more off by mid or end of September. I want to look good for my mothers wedding. Do you think I can do it in that amount of time?
I think this diet is a bit extreme but makes sense in theory. There are too many diets that focus on eating a certain kind of food and cutting out other food groups (low carb, fruitarian, smoothie diet, etc.), claiming that the forbidden food group is what causes weight gain. In fact, ALL calories cause weight gain, and any reduction in calories will cause weight loss. Most people also find it difficult to eat a lot of certain kinds of food (usually not very tasty ones) and completely avoid others (usually including anything that tastes good). Exercise is healthy, but it takes too long to burn enough calories to actually cause significant weight loss. A 30 minute jog can be undone by a little granola bar. So I think this doctor really has something with the idea of portion reduction being the key to weight loss. However, I would still guess that's it's important to make your 5 bites count. In other words, make sure you aren't eating 5 bites of the same thing and are getting a little of all the food groups on most days. I also don't think it's sustainable for more than a week or two but would be a good way to jump start your weight loss. I think I'm going to give it a try. I only need to lose 10-15 lbs. to begin with, and I'd be overjoyed if it worked so fast!
Give it a try it does work. I lost 15 in about 12 days. Then increased my bites to maintain. Still down after 22 days. Now will try to drop another 5.
Hi, I weighted 114 just 3 days ago and now I am 119lbs.I gain weight pretty fast and I was hoping that this 5 bite diet would help me lose 10lbs before uni starts. Does this plan actually work and help get rid of belly fat thats stored?
Can you drink diet soda's
Sure drinking soda (diet) should be fine. I drink the MIA juice in water. No problems.
One diet soda a day is likely acceptable, but do not drink more than that as several studies have indicated that continual drinking of diet soda tricks the brain into having stronger food cravings. The Shred Diet that I followed for a month allowed a diet soda a day and that did not appear to slow my progress, but did help suppress my soda withdrawal cravings while trying out the diet. Good luck!
I am gonna start this on Monday I weigh 245. I'm hoping to go down to 199 just to get out of the 200hundr eds! I no people always put when they start but we never get an update . I'm gonna do the update weekly! Gonna prepare my meals!
You can do it, just make your mind up to get it done. In a few days it will seem normal for you. !!!
I am gonna try this new fad
Good for you, you will like the results !!