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Lose 10 pounds with the Dr. Oz Approved Detox Diet

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Dr. Oz Detox Food Diet

What better advice on how to lose 10 pounds in 30 days than from someone who has been there and, is a physician. On a recent episode of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz introduces a fellow cardiologist who created a detox diet program to treat his own irritable bowel syndrome and weight problems that resulted in a healthy digestive system and significant weight loss.

“What if I told you that you could be 10 pounds lighter by the end of the month and your detox was Dr. approved?” asks Dr. Oz as he introduces his special guest and fellow cardiologist-turned-integrative guru, Dr. Alejandro Junger, who has a detox plan that is not extreme like other detox programs; but rather, only requires that you eat 10 detox foods to lose those 10 pounds―and, without having to exercise.

Author of the book “CLEAN: The revolutionary program to restore the boy’s natural ability to heal itself” Dr. Junger tells readers how they can purify their insides and at the same time lose unwanted weight states Dr. Oz.

“With the right kind of detox program, in just a few days many of your health issues like bloating will melt away and your weight will definitely drop,” says Dr. Alejandro Junger. “The first thing the detox program corrects is intestinal health. The body generates and retains fat in order to defend itself. The detox program will create the conditions where the fat will be flushed away and then the body will not need the fat anymore. It’ll melt away. I have a list of 10 detox foods―stick to my plan and I can get 10 pounds off of you by the end of a month.”

Dr. Junger explains that the body already has an organ system that is continuously working to detox the body. However, what his detox program does is assists the organs in working at maximum efficiency to rid the body of toxins while at the same time being provided through his program with the nutrients those organs need to maintain that efficiency.

How his program differs from other detox programs is that it does not consist of a starvation period, but rather allows a person to eat until they feel full. He tells viewers that long term weight loss for patients who go through his program is 60 percent, whereas other typical detox programs that involve starving the body have a much lower success rate of closer to 20 percent.

Detox Diet Program

Step #1: Eliminate the following foods from your diet that contribute to weight gain
• Dairy and Eggs
• Gluten
• Processed sugar
• Soy
• Coffee, soda & alcohol
• Beef and pork
• Creamed vegetables
• Peanuts

Dr. Junger explains that these foods increase acidity in the gut, feed the bad bacteria and create mucous in your digestive tract, which is why they are particularly bad for the digestive system.

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Dr. Oz elaborates by telling his viewers that toxic foods such as those Dr. Junger wants his patients to eliminate, all promote the growth of bad bacteria and suppresses the growth of good bacteria. Bad bacteria, he explains, causes the body to absorb the things in the intestine from the toxic foods that promote fat deposits and weight gain.

While Dr. Junger acknowledges that cutting out these foods is difficult, he reassures viewers the difficulty only occurs for the first few days and that once their body adjusts, eliminating these kinds of foods becomes much less difficult.

Step 2: Add the Oz-approved 10 detox foods to your diet
1. Green leafy and cruciferous vegetables
2. Cold water fish
3. Free-range pastured chicken
4. Fresh berries
5. Apple cider vinegar
6. Lemon water
7. Herbal tea
8. Unsweetened coconut milk
9. Coconut oil
10. Plant-based protein powder

“If you eat these 10 foods, what’s going to be the result…if we really focus on this” Dr. Oz asks Dr. Junger.

“You’re going to look good. Your skin is going to glow,” says Dr. Junger, adding that a lot of people who do the program find that their friends stop and ask them if they’ve had plastic surgery done.

Dr. Junger tells viewers that what happens after they have eliminated the bad foods and begin focusing on eating his Dr. Oz–approved detox foods, that the workload of your digestive system is greatly reduced and that you will find that your cravings for toxic foods will begin to decrease. During this time, people on the detox diet can eat as much as their body wants. And that by remaining on and following the detox diet foods that they will then begin to see the pounds come off almost immediately.

To put Dr. Junger’s detox food program to the test, Dr. Oz followed 5 viewer volunteers who agreed to try the detox program as directed and stay on it for at least the first five days. All 5 women lost weight during the five days with individual results ranging from 1 to just under 5 pounds lost in 5 days. The consensus among them was that the first five days are difficult, but once they got started on alternative meals consisting of the 10 detox foods, they agreed that it did get easier and that they felt better inside. The volunteers stated that they were encouraged enough by their results to continue to stick with the detox diet.

To find a very helpful list of creative ways to prepare meals using the 10 detox foods, go to the Dr. Oz Show website by clicking on the titled link “Clean Detox Program 30-Day Meal Plan.”

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show— “Oz-Approved 10 Detox Foods”



I just want to say how happy I am that I tried this. I started on 1/29/13 & as of today (2/7/13) I have lost 7 lbs! I am energized, feel confident again and will continue until I reach my goal. I have tried many diets, many "smart one"s or "lean cuisine" pre-packaged meals. I have gone to the gym for an hour and a half at a time only to be starving when I came home and would sit down and eat all the wrong foods or just way too much of good foods. I was depressed. I plan on sticking to this because of how I feel about myself now. I recommend this. What do you have to lose? Just try it. It may work for you as it did for me :) I just want to spread my happiness :) Good Luck to Whomever reads this & decides to try it!! xo
please help me with a diet plan to lose 10pounds