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Lose 10 Pounds of Belly Fat by Memorial Day with the Dr. Oz May Diet!

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Obesity and Losing Weight

If you’ve tried Dr. Oz’s two-week 10 pound weight loss plan earlier this year and are ready to take another 10 pounds off your belly by Memorial Day, Dr. Oz has just released his new May Diet plan that he tells viewers has been months in the making and is now ready to create a slimmer you.

“If you are looking for ways to lose 10 pounds this month—to be slimmed down before summer even hits, then you can’t miss today’s show,” says Dr. Oz as he introduces his May Diet to shed water weight, burn fat and shrink your waistline in no time.

“The May Diet is going to help you lose 10 pounds in one month. And to do this, the first thing you have to do is get rid all of that extra weight you are holding onto,” says Dr. Oz as he outlines his steps on how viewers can achieve this goal.

May Diet Step #1: The 80/20 Plate

“This is going to be your goal at every single meal,” says Dr. Oz as he tells viewers that the 80/20 plate consists of filling your plate with 80% low glycemic veggies and 20% fat and protein. This plate plan is designed to help you feel full after a meal with fewer calories while at the same time giving you enough fat and protein to carry you until your next meal.

Dr. Oz’s recommendation of an 80/20 plate is in agreement with a news report by the Obesity Society that plant-based diets show more weight loss without emphasizing caloric restriction.

However, according to Dr. Oz, the other weight loss benefit of an 80/20 plate is that it also helps your body shed excess water that it is carrying due to eating too many carbohydrates.

“When you eat carbohydrates, and you store carbohydrates in your body, the body holds onto water much more aggressively,” says Dr. Oz. “Every extra pound of carbs you have in your body is an extra four pounds of water you are carrying.”

Dr. Oz explains that his 80/20 plate plan actually forces out those extra carbs and thereby results in water weight loss.

May Diet Step #2: The Liquid Dinner

“Eat a heavy dinner at night like a meat loaf or pasta and the food just lies in your stomach taking hours to digest and adding inches to your waistline. Your belly has to work hard, basically pulling an all-nighter to get that food to move,” says Dr. Oz as he points out that this is why a liquid dinner is preferable toward successful weight loss.

A liquid dinner works by actually moving your meal much faster through your digestive tract allowing fewer calories the opportunity to be absorbed and then stored away as fat.

“Here’s the beautiful part about a liquid dinner—you can use that 80/20 rule and can make it into a simple soup,” says Dr. Oz as he shows viewers that if they don’t have time to make a soup, one simple solution is to mix one can of low-sodium vegetable soup and add some shredded rotisserie chicken to it.

May Diet Step #3: Drink Swimsuit Water

Dr. Oz's recommendation in the 3rd step of his May Diet plan is to drink his Swimsuit Water before and after every meal to aid digestion, which also further benefits dieters by providing a healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages during meals.

Swimsuit Water involves mixing in a blender a combination of:

• 1 quart or liter of water

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• 1 cup of strawberries

• ½ tablespoon of cinnamon

• A squeeze of juice from ½ a lime

Dr. Oz explains that the fiber in the strawberries helps with the digestive tract flow; the cinnamon will boost your metabolism and aid your liver; and the lime juice is for added flavoring.

“Get one liter of this weight loss water all day long by taking it especially before and after meals,” advises Dr. Oz.

May Diet Step #4: High Protein/High Fiber Snacking allowed

“Part of life is getting hungry when you are not supposed to be hungry—it’s called snacking,” says Dr. Oz as he tells viewers that snacking is part of his May Diet plan as long as you make sure that your snacks consist of high protein/high fiber treats.

“The protein is going to put the brakes on the insulin roller coaster that your body is going through when you eat the wrong foods and the fiber is going to fill you up fast and keep you feeling fuller for longer without putting the weight on you.”

Examples of some high protein/high fiber snacks include:

• A slice of turkey wrapped around a pickle

• Cucumber served with hummus

• Almonds stuffed inside raspberries

• Sliced apple with a little peanut butter spread on it

As a final tip to help the weight come off even faster, Dr. Oz recommends taking a B complex vitamin supplement every day. B vitamin will help speed up the body’s metabolism even more and result in increased calorie burning.

A copy of the Dr. Oz May Diet One-Sheet with the diet plan outlined and recipes provided is available for printing out from The Dr. Oz Show website.

“It’s going to help you lose weight all month long,” promises Dr. Oz.

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