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Look and Feel Thinner in Just One Week with These 5 Slimming Secrets

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In the June issue of Shape magazine, staff writers tell women that if you are fretting about how you will look for that upcoming pool party that the last thing you want to do is begin a crash diet that will cause you to lose muscle rather than fat. Their advice? Become sleek in just one week by looking and feeling thinner with these 5 slimming secrets.

Slimming Secret #1: Stay Hydrated to Beat Bloat

Allowing your body to become dehydrated only leads to added fluid retention as your body compensates in response. Another reason for getting those 6-8 glasses of water a day is that it also helps flush out your digestive tract and thereby prevents belly bloat-causing constipation and gas.

Slimming Secret #2: Snack on Fennel Seeds to Relax the Gut

Fennel seeds are a favorite of Dr. Oz’s that reportedly is used in many cultures to help relieve digestive issues. The power of fennel seeds is their ability to relax the muscles surrounding the digestive tract and take the pressure off of bloating.

Slimming Secret #3: Eat Fresh to Avoid Sodium and Sugar

Two of the biggest offenders of a slim body are sodium and sugar. The staff of Shape warns readers that packaged and restaurant meals are typically high in water-retaining sodium that can add pounds of water weight and excessive bloating overnight. In addition, the wrong kinds of carbs in your diet wind up being converted into sugar that can then lead to developing a wheat belly.

But if you have to have carbs, here is a list of the right carbs to choose from.

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Their Advice? Fill up on fruits, whole grains, lean proteins like fish and chicken and vegetables. However see slimming secret #4 to ensure that you don’t pick veggies that promote bloating.

Slimming Secret #4: Pick the Right Produce

Although cruciferous veggies like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower are very healthy food choices, they can result in belly bloat due to an indigestible compound called “raffinose.” So, if you have a pool party this weekend, switch to other veggie types that will not cause bloating such as tomatoes, sweet peppers and dark leafy greens.

The staff also warns that eating beans causes bloating as well. But, if you cannot avoid this staple ahead of time then take your beans with a Beano supplement that will convert the raffinose into a digestible form that your body can handle.

Slimming Secret #5: Stop the Sweets

Not only do the bacteria on your teeth love to eat the same sweets as you do, but your gut bacteria have a sweet tooth as well. Eating more sugar than your body can typically handle in one day leads to that extra sugar becoming fermented by the gut bacteria. From the fermentation process, byproducts such as an excessive buildup of gas leads to constant burping and a bloated belly.

According to the staff of Shape magazine, avoiding sweets by switching to artificial sweeteners does not work because they can cause bloating as well.

For more on how to beat belly bloat, here is some Dr. Oz belly fat and belly bloat advice that will help you look and feel thinner in just one week.

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Reference: Shape magazine, June 2014 issue