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Litramine Fat Flushing Supplement Study Available Free Online

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Fat flushing supplement

Recently, Dr. Oz discussed ways to flush fat from your body in part by using a Litramine supplement that in his words will, "literally help you poop out unwanted fat fast." According to Dr. Oz, litramine is approximately a ½ pound-per-week weight loss supplement that works by preventing fat from being absorbed by the body that is then eliminated as waste from the GI tract. He told viewers that the study was published in the prestigious journal Obesity, of which a free online copy is available on a government health website.

A summary of the study titled “A Natural Fiber Complex Reduces Body Weight in the Overweight and Obese: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study” is presented below:

Litramine is a natural fiber complex that is made primarily with fiber from a plant species called “Opuntia ficus-indica” and a secondary soluble fiber from a different plant species called “Acacia.”

The study was comprised of 123 subjects consisting of 30 male and 93 female subjects all of whom were clinically categorized as being either overweight or obese. All of the subjects were selected from a larger pool of applicants who were tested earlier to ensure selection of only those with a high likelihood of being compliant with the testing conditions throughout the 12-week study.

The subjects were randomly selected to receive either a Litramine supplement or a placebo daily in a double-blind clinical investigation that lasted 12 weeks. Measures made throughout the testing of the supplement over the placebo included changes in body weight from baseline as well as additional obesity markers.

During the 12-week treatment period, the weight loss supplement group received two tablets (1 gram) of Litramine 3 times a day following breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The control group received an identical-appearing placebo as well following each meal.

All test subjects were instructed to eat a nutritionally balanced and mildly hypocaloric diet consisting of 30% of energy from fat, 55% of energy from carbohydrate, and 15% of energy from protein throughout the 12-week study.

In addition, the test subjects were advised to gradually increase their physical activity with 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical exercise such as walking or cycling.

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At the end of the study, final endpoint measurements were made and the double-blind data analyzed to reveal any differences in results between the two test groups. What the researchers found was that there was statistical significance in whether a Litramine supplement or a placebo was consumed daily. The results are as follows:

1. The Litramine group lost on average nearly 5% of their initial body weight whereas the placebo group lost on average nearly 2% of their initial body weight.

2. The Litramine group BMI measure decreased significantly more ( 1.3 kg/m2 ) in comparison to the placebo group 0.5 kg/m2 ).

3. The Litramine group lost a little over 7/10 of an inch waist size more than the placebo group.

4. The Litramine group lost approximately 3 pounds more body fat mass than the placebo group.

5. The safety and tolerability between taking Litramine supplement or the placebo were approximately equal.

The conclusions reached by the scientists in the study were that a dietary regimen of 3 grams of Litramine a day in conjunction with a mildly hypocaloric diet plus moderate physical activity may result in similar results under real-life conditions outside of the laboratory. They concluded that that ingestion of the natural fiber complex Litramine is an effective non-pharmacological intervention to induce weight loss without any adverse side effects.

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Reference: “A Natural Fiber Complex Reduces Body Weight in the Overweight and Obese: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study” Obesity Jan 2013; 21(1): 58–64.



Hi my name is vickie j have a weigh problem I have nerve damage in my right leg and foot I have pain in my left foot I have a pace maker I just lost m y left kidney I have so much can you help oh I am also have asthma yea I know thank u.
have you watched the documentry called fat,sick and nearly dead? pretty interesting. there are also pages on facebook with that title where people give alot of support and show how they are going! mayb worth a try good luck x
Dr. states I am 80 pounds over weight. I am 46 years of age with high blood pressure. My current weight is 216, 5'4
i would to jion the study on Litramine ...please consider me
Hi Kim. We are not researchers. We are reporting news.
I weight 288 pounds and 70 years old.
I would like to test lit amine...my wt.is295 and 69yrs
I am 5'2" 156 lbs with severe djd, fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome. I am 57 and would like to lose 40-50 lbs. the lighter I am, the less pain I'm im
I'm very interested in this fat flush. What stores can I buy this from?
Annie, check a health food store. You can also find it for sale on the internet I believe.
Thank u so much☺️
You're welcome Annie and best to you with your weight loss goals!
Where can I buy 100% Pure Litramine?
When Studies find out what stores sell the 100% Litramine , please e mail me. This is so important for me. Thanx Annie
Could you please let me know where this is available in Australia. If not who can I contact to have it sent to Australia. Thanks for your time
Please advise availability in western australia thankd
I think it means you can view the completed study for free, not sign up for one for free.
I am looking for Litramine in Toronto Do any stores carry it here????
I weigh 250Ibs where can I buy Litramine in Virginia. I mostly have belly fat.
Go to litramine dot com. You can purchase by looking on the internet. Or you can eat fiber daily, also shown to help with weight loss.
I am 61, weighing 15.12 stones I suffer from diabetes, high Bp, fibromyalgia , hypothyroidism , breathlessness and a bit of fatty liver. I would like to be considered for your next study research. ? Would I be safe on these tabs A quick reply would be highly appreciated . Thanking you I anticipation .