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Latest Top Dieting Apps Dieters Swear by for Losing Weight

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Choose your diet app with this advice

Still not convinced that apps on a smartphone can help you lose weight? Here’s a news report about the latest top dieting apps that dieters swear by for their weight loss success, plus a list of 7 recommended apps you can try right now for losing weight.


According to a recent CBS News report, dieting apps are becoming more popular with dieters as the types and functions expand beyond those oh-so-last-year online calorie counters. And for good reason―studies show that dieting apps can be a useful tool for weight loss and that many users are not only losing the pounds, but keeping them off as well.

Here is the full video story by CBS News:

Find Your Weight Loss App

According to the news report, the trick to losing weight with an app begins with finding that app that works for you. CBS news offers the following sampling of apps available:

Weight Loss App #1: SparkPeople

• Three million foods in data base+ bar code scanner
• Exercise demonstrations
• Health and fitness articles, recipes
• Use points as motivation against other members

Weight Loss App #2: Pact

• 3 Kinds of “pacts” you can make
• Veggie Pact―eat more fruits and vegetables
• Exercise Pact―work out more
• Food tracking pact―track food (using MyFitnessPal)
• Incentive is money―you put in an amount of money into the app and if you meet your food or activity goals you get paid. If not, you lose money and it goes to other members that did reach their goals.

Weight Loss App #3: My Food Diary


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• 8,000+ foods in database
• Tracts all the major components of the Nutrition Facts label (Calories, fat, sat fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, etc.)
• Includes exercise log, body log, and comprehensive reports.
• Community component with a forum for discussions/ encouragement and group challenges
• Personal notes section

Weight Loss App #4: Diet Hero (Cost $1.99)

• Input the foods available in the kitchen and preferences and then auto generates a well-balanced diet based off weight goals
• Different than most apps because doesn’t require calorie counting
• Tracks progress and reports with charts and tables
• Automatically generates a shopping list

Weight Loss App #5: Diet Assistant

• Diet Plans, shopping lists
• Weight tracker

Weight Loss App #6: Calorie Counter PRO

• Tracks meals, activity, weight, water, etc.
• Food bar code scanner
• Includes daily notes and charts

Weight Loss App #7: Calorific

• Shows you exactly what 200 calories looks like
• No exercise log

For some weight loss app fun, here’s a weight loss app that will reveal how your face will look after losing a specified number of pounds.

Reference: CBS NewsDieting Apps Can Help People Lose Weight, Researchers Conclude

Image from CBS News video