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Joel Fuhrman Reveals 5 Diet Disaster Mistakes Smart Women Make on The Dr. Oz Show

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Joel Fuhrman on Dr. Oz Diet

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a weight loss expert and health guru who is known for his provocative stand that eating processed diet foods/meals that are low-calorie in popular dieting programs such as Weight Watchers will lead to eventual long-term weight loss failure because such diets are nutritionally poor adding to a problem for many dieters that he calls “toxic hunger.” On The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Fuhrman reveals 5 diet disaster mistakes that smart women make when dieting.

“What if I told you that there are 5 epic diet disasters that smart women are making? And they are the reason why you can’t lose weight,” says Dr. Oz as he introduces special guest Dr. Joel Fuhrman who tells viewers that if you want to lose weight, that you need to throw everything away that you know about dieting.

The following is a summary of Dr. Fuhrman’s 5 diet disasters that you need to watch out for:

Diet Mistake #1: Going on a diet in the first place

“Don’t diet. Never go on a diet,” say Dr. Fuhrman as he explains himself by telling viewers that people who go on a diet and cut calories, eventually fail because they are starving themselves which leads to a yo-yoing of their weight. He states that eventually these people become heavier than they were before they started on their diet.

Diet Mistake #2: Creating a food addiction

Dr. Fuhrman explains that diet mistake #1 leads to the problem a lot of weight loss programs create with special meals and processed low calorie foods that are actually turning dieters into food addicts by causing people to crave food even more.

“They are giving people these gimmicks and tricks, but they’re not supplying them with the full gamut of micronutrients the body needs. If you are micronutrient deficient, you will develop perverted cravings,” say Dr. Fuhrman.

He expands on this by telling Dr. Oz and viewers that traditional diets such as gluten-free, high-protein and low-fat diets for the long term are actually harmful to the body due to they do not result in good, healthy weight loss because they do not address the micronutrient problems behind obesity. All three diets he states will lead to food cravings that will in turn sabotage your attempts to lose weight.

Diet Mistake #3: Counting calories

“It’s a proven formula for dietary failure, because the American diet is already micronutrient deficient,” says Dr. Fuhrman. “By reducing calories further, it exacerbates the micronutrient deficiency and makes them want to crave food even more and overeat.”

Diet Mistake #4: Eating 6 small meals a day

Dr. Fuhrman tells viewers that some plans by trainers that advises people to keep their feelings of hunger at bay without overeating is to eat up to 6 small meals per day, is bad advice and does not work.

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“It’s been shown to cause people to consume more calories by the end to the day,” says Dr. Fuhrman. “It stops their detox―the catabolic phase of the digestive cycle where it’s supposed to repair and heal. People are inhibiting that by putting food in all the time, so it’s not good for their long term health—it fails as a diet.”

Another related mistake to this one is when dieters mistake feelings of withdrawal such as headaches, light-headedness, stomach cramps, a growling stomach and irritability with feelings of being hungry.

“Those are not hunger [signs] at all—they are withdrawal symptoms from a diet that is inadequate,” says Dr. Fuhrman. He explains that those symptoms are actually addiction withdrawal symptoms not unlike someone who has a nicotine habit with smoking cigarettes and trying to stop.

“These are signs that there is something wrong with the way you are eating. And that drives people to overeat food—it keeps them addicted and it’s exactly why we have a whole population of overweight people in America.”

Diet Mistake #5: Having toxic hunger

“Toxic hunger is these ill feelings we are talking about,” says Dr. Fuhrman explaining that eating the wrong types of foods leads to addictions that gives us a temporary high, but dissipates quickly and causes people to eat even more of the types of foods that they shouldn’t be eating in the first place, let alone overeating those types of foods.

“An addict has two sides to an addiction: one is the high it gives you in the brain—a dopamine rush that gets you thinking about that food all the time. And the other one is when you stop eating it and you feel sick because the body is trying to repair the damage caused by that substance,” he explains which then puts your body into a withdrawal with the symptoms described earlier that can only be relieved by going back and eating more of the wrong type of food to get your high again.

The solution to Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s 5 diet mistakes

Dr. Fuhrman says that the only way to break free of the toxic hunger resulting from making his aforementioned diet mistakes is to eat more food.

“There’s only one way to break the cycle—and that’s to eat more food,” says Dr. Fuhrman. “More of the right food, because when you eat more high nutrient food―foods that give you high micronutrient bang for the buck―these antioxidants and phytochemicals remove the toxins, remove the free radicals and remove the oxidative stress and you no longer feel shaky and weak and fatigued between meals anymore,” says Dr. Fuhrman.

He explains to viewers that after your body has gone through a detox process by infusing your body with the micronutrients it needs, that then is the time when your body will be able to tell you that you are truly hungry and not wanting to eat due to cravings.

“And you don’t have to constantly fuel the fire… and then you get connected with what real hunger feels like. And real huger drives you to the instinctual need for when you are supposed to eat food and when you’re not supposed to eat food. You don’t have to diet or measure or weigh, you just eat when you feel like eating…now you will feel like eating the right amount of food,” says Dr. Fuhrman.

For more information on how to fill your body with the micronutrients it needs by following Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s food pyramid for healthy eating and weight loss, follow the links to two articles titled “Dr. Oz Weight Loss Guest Expert Joel Fuhrman About Weight Watchers” and “Dr. Oz Recommends 7-Day, 10 Pounds Crash Diet.”

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show― "Dr. Joel Fuhrman Reveals the Top 5 Diet Disasters”



Good article! This Doctor has the guts to stand up to the misinformation published by Barry Groves and Sally Fallon, of the Weston Price Foundation, as well as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who still promote the misconception that Americans need to be wet nursed by the cow for the rest of their lives Sally, as a cookbook author promotes raw milk, and Barry Groves, an electrical engineer, promotes a diet based on animal remains. As a long time non-dairy vegetarian I can vouch for the correctness of vegetarianism. A healthy eating pattern limits intake of sodium, solid fats, added sugars, avoidance of animal products, refined grains and emphasizes nutrient-dense foods and beverages—vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and peas, and nuts and seeds. Apart from that, I rather take advise from those in the 'know', rather than from cookbook authors and electrical engineers.