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Innovative Gray Hair Treatment at Home with Salon Results

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Typically, you are limited to two options for treating your gray hair. The first is to do it at home with a store-bought generic dye. The second is to go to an expensive hair salon. Until recently, there was little else in between. However, innovative online and in-home solutions for treating gray hair with salon-like results is possible and rising in popularity as a cost-saving practice. Read on to discover how you can remove the gray while keeping your green.

Just as online shopping has revolutionized the way we make purchases, eSalon.com offers an innovative new way to treat your graying hair at home, but look as if you went to an expensive salon. How do they do it? Through customized online service that brings a hair consultant to your keyboard and individualized coloring products to your door.

The premise of eSalon is the idea that not all hair and not all women are the same; and therefore, why should women be expected to settle for the same color treatment off the shelf at a local drugstore?

To remedy this problem, eSalon has created an interactive website where a woman can begin her hair coloring process by initiating an online hair profile. The hair profile consists of detailed questions about your current hair color, type of hair, length, previous coloring experiences, eye color, style and numerous other factors that a professional stylist at a salon would take in consideration before mixing a color to match with your hair needs. The biggest benefit of a profile is that it removes the confusion and guesswork out of your hands and in those of a professional colorist.

After the hair profile is established, a professional colorist will then create a custom blend formula using the same ingredients used in hair salons. To ensure that your hair is healthy and soft, eSalon offers permanent and demi-permanent (ammonia-free) colors that contain vitamin E, B5 and aloe vera for built-in conditioning. The coloring formula is then packaged with instructions and the necessary accessories needed for application at home, and then shipped to your doorstep.

However, alternative hair coloring techniques that you can do at home as well as measures to lessen or slow down the graying process can be just as effective and leave your hair feeling less stiff and brittle. The following tips are a compilation of hair care recommendations by hair specialists for dealing with your graying hair:

1. Many municipalities treat their public water with harsh chemicals to make it safe for drinking. Some experts suggest that women limit their chlorine exposure by avoiding long, hot showers and/or installing a chlorine filter in their shower head. You can also buy inexpensive filtered water for washing and rinsing over a sink.

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2. Limit pool water exposure to hair by wearing a swimmer’s cap and showering immediately after a swim.

3. Avoid smoky situations. Studies have shown that smoking and secondhand cigarette smoke can contribute to premature aging including graying of hair.

4. Wear a broad brimmed hat to protect your hair from the sun. UV rays from the sun are not only damaging to the skin, but to hair as well.

5. Try highlights rather than total color coverage. For aging blondes try caramel lowlights; for darker brunettes use lighter highlights.

6. For heads with only a few, but still noticeable gray hairs, experts advise using a low-peroxide vegetable dye that stains gray hairs slightly so that the hairs are just a little lighter than their natural color. Low peroxide vegetable dyes are much less harsher on hair than conventional off-the-shelf color treatments.

7. Hair extensions artfully combed in among your natural hair are an easy and effective way to camouflage your gray hairs.

For additional information about how to treat your graying hair and attend toward achieving or maintaining a healthy head of hair, follow these links and discover what other recognized experts have to save for treating gray hair at home with salon results.

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