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Improve Your Memory and Lose Your Stress with Hemp Cure

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Improving Memory Loss with Hemp Cure

Hemp seed can give memory a boost. But how does it work to help keep the brain healthy?


Are you feeling stressed out? Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Is your memory going down forgotten lanes? As it turns out, one slightly-controversial plant may be the solution to strengthening your brain against bad fats and the effect it can have on how you think and feel.

“Hemp seed is the next biggest thing for your memory,” says Dr. Oz who reveals to viewers that seeds from the hemp plant contains healthy fats that can feed an ailing brain.

To be clear about what hemp and is not, Dr. Oz reminds viewers about how hemp differs from marijuana, which is also known for having medicinal properties of its own that has led some health authorities to recommend marijuana for treating disease.

“Hemp is not actually the same thing as marijuana―it comes from a different variety of the same kind of plant, but it’s not exactly the same plant,” says Dr. Oz. “There’s very low amounts of that psychedelic stuff that folks enjoy, so you don’t get a high―you can’t get a high. But it does have a very specific effect on your brain—the opposite of what you get when you smoke pot, it actually helps your memory.”

Dr. Oz explains through a demonstration that your mind is kind of like an aquarium net in a tub of water that is used to fish out a variety of floating objects that are representative of memories that float around in your brain. Typically, your mind net works well and can retrieve memories such as what you had for dinner last night, when you tied your shoelaces this morning and where you last placed your car keys.

However, he explains that your brain cells can be damaged from eating the wrong kinds of fats, which then puts large holes in your metaphorical mind net that prevents you from gathering memories when you try to remember something you recently did.

“Your brain cells need to remain fluid and flexible to remember all these different things going on,” says Dr. Oz. “But if you are eating the wrong kinds of foods―especially those bad fats―then your brain can’t function as well…it begins to lose all those wonderful memories you had.”

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To repair brain cells that were damaged from a diet filled with bad fats, Dr. Oz tells viewers that supplying the brain with good fats will help rebuild those damaged brain cells and that hemp seed is a good source of not just omega-3 fatty acids, but others that are needed for good brain health.

“Hemp has the perfect ratio of fatty acids,” says Dr. Oz who adds that a second thing hemp seed does is that it helps fight stress and anxiety.

“Hemp seed actually helps reduce your stress by affecting a very important element in your body called magnesium,” says Dr. Oz. “It’s called the ‘relaxation mineral’ in your body.”

Dr. Oz explains to viewers that your body’s magnesium levels can actually be lowered by drinking certain kinds of beverages such as alcohol, sodas, coffee and eating food with excessive amounts of salt in it. With a low magnesium level, your body is more susceptible to feeling stressed and anxious than if it were carrying an adequate amount of this mineral.

To help keep your magnesium levels up and your body and mind feeling happy, Dr. Oz states that eating one serving of hemp seed provides half of the recommended magnesium you need per day.

“This is my favorite snack food right now—this hemp seed,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that you can buy hemp seed in a bag in health food stores and you can also find it in other forms such as hemp milk, hemp oil, hemp protein powder, hemp granola and even hemp breakfast cereal. Dr. Oz recommends keeping your hemp seed stored in the freezer to prevent spoilage.

“I bet that you are going to like it enough to make it a part of your everyday life,” says Dr. Oz.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show



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