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Humorous and Quick Video from FDA about Weight Loss Fraud

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Spotting quick and fraudulent weight loss ads

Do you know how to protect yourself from quick weight loss fraud? Here is a humorous video from the FDA about fast weight loss fraud and how to spot it.


Weight loss ads are designed to make you spend your money by preying on your desire to lose weight—typically without having to exercise or diet. While such ads can cost you your hard-earned money without any beneficial return, the worse part of it is that many weight loss products contain toxic “natural” ingredients and/or dangerously high doses of pharmaceutical agents not intended for weight loss use.


To help consumers understand that fraud is prevalent in the weight loss industry, here is a humorous video that makes the FDA’s point on fraud within the weight loss industry:


Here are some weight loss ad examples from the FDA that should be a red flag for you to recognize on spotting a potentially fraudulent weight loss ad:

Weight Loss Ad Claim #1: 'You want quick easy weight loss, without diet or exercise? Look no further! We have the one and only product that is guaranteed to work!' In fact, check this story, Quick Wedding Weight Loss Can Be Dangerous.

Reality Check: Scammers often dress up actors to look like doctors to promote their product.

Weight Loss Ad Claim #2: MAGIC DIET PILL

Reality Check: There is no 'magic pill' for weight loss. Expensive, natural or herbal do not always mean safe and effective.

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Weight Loss Ad Claim #3: INSTANT FAT DISSOLVER 'Lose it before your eyes.'

Reality Check: Be wary of promises of quick and fast weight loss without diet or exercise.

Weight Loss Ad Claim #4: 'Read our customer testimonials to see how great our product works!'

Reality Check: Scammers often alter before and after pictures or provide testimonials to showcase unrealistic results.

Weight Loss Ad Claim #5: I lost 10 pounds and 3 inches in one week! Thanks Lose-It-Overnight!

Reality Check: DON’T Fall for Fraud! Learn to Spot It! American consumers lose billions of dollars each year to health fraud schemes. Worse than losing your money, you could lose your health.

Weight Loss Ad Claim #6: 'Goodbye pounds--and all it took was an afternoon of getting injected with the new super improved scientific formula.'

Reality Check: Beware of official looking web sites or using words such as 'Guaranteed' or 'Scientific Breakthrough'.

For more about weight loss fraud, here is why the Federal Trade Commission designates HCG Platinum Drops Weight Loss Supplement as a weight loss fraud.

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