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How Your Smoothie Could Be Sabotaging Your Diet

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Blenders decrease fiber and raise sugar warns dietician

Smoothies are reportedly great for dieting. But is this really true? Here’s one reason why that fruit smoothie might actually be sabotaging your diet.


According to a recent episode of ABC’s Good Morning America, while fruit smoothies are a fun and quick food fix for breakfast, they might not be as filling or as healthful as some people think—especially for those who are on a diet.

Here’s Dr. Oz’s 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Smoothie Success.

The idea that fruit smoothies may not be as healthful as once thought originated with nutritionist Susan Krieger who revealed to the scientific community her hypothesis that by pulverizing your fruit in the blender, you are actually reducing the drink’s fiber size and allowing sugar from the fruit to enter your blood stream much faster than if you were to eat the fruit whole. The result of this is that it can cause a blood sugar spike and cause you to feel hungry sooner.

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Here’s the video on fruit smoothies from Good Morning America

Go for a Protein Smoothie Instead of a Fruit Smoothie

If a quick and nutritious breakfast is what you want that will help you with your diet, try switching from a fruit smoothie to a protein smoothie like the one that helped this woman lose 56 inches from her waist. In fact, research shows her special smoothie had one important smoothie ingredient that can lead to significant decreases in body weight and body fat, while at the same time significantly increase your lean body mass.

Reference: ABC’s Good Morning America “Surprise Diet Sabotage: Are Smoothies Actually Healthy?”