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Hollywood Celebrity Common Cold Remedies Rely on Emergen-C

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Green tea is a common cold remedy

Common cold remedies such as green tea are supported by research findings at the University of Florida where study participants swallowed a green tea capsule twice a day for 12 weeks. What they found was that 32 percent of the participants had no cold or flu symptoms and that 36 percent had symptoms of cold and flu for fewer days. The researchers of the study stated that green tea supplements are “safe and effective” as a cold remedy.

The common cold is the equalizer of all men and women. A celebrity’s cold is no different than that of the unknown actress or that of the American Idol hopeful singing into a hairbrush before a mirror. However, where the cold-related equality ends is with individual tastes on personal cold remedies. Cold remedies range from concoctions of lemon juice, castor oil, turpentine, tobacco, garlic, poke and sassafras in the Deep South to vapor rubs, chicken soup, fire ciders and ginger teas in the Midwest. In other words, you work with what you’ve got and in Hollywood it’s no different. Listed below are a few celebrity concocted common cold cures that some celebrities use working with what they’ve got.

Amanda Seyfried
This "Mamma Mia!" actress reports that her cold remedy is a well-known over-the-counter medicine plus a little help from the popular Emergen-C vitamin drink mix that consists of 1000 mg of vitamin C, seven B vitamins, and electrolytes.
"I have a nasal spray that I use when I get a cold, and I drink a lot of water," Seyfried said. "Loads of water and Emergen-C. And at night, whiskey and honey and lemon," she admits.

The whiskey, honey and lemon juice are the basic ingredients of what is commonly known as a “hot toddy.” Hot toddies as a cure for the common cold have been around for generations in many families, but typically consist of brandy rather than whiskey. The honey and lemon soothes a sore throat, the vapors clear congestion, and the alcohol helps the body to relax and enter into a good night’s sleep.

One recipe for a hot toddy is to add two ounces of whiskey to a microwave safe mug, followed by one tablespoon of honey, 4 ounces of water and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Then, microwave for one minute until it is hot (but not boiling) and add a slice of lemon as a final touch.

Of course, never mix alcohol with medications. If you are unsure of how far apart to space your hot toddy from your meds, simply call your local pharmacy for their recommendations.

Ramona Singer
This “Real Housewives of New York” actress is another believer of the benefits of Emergen-C. "If I feel like something's coming on, I take those packs. I love the flavors, especially raspberry," Singer said at the annual New York Women in Film and Television Awards. "I'll do it two or three times in one day."

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Christine Baranski
Broadway star Christine Baranski stated at the New York Women in Film and Television Awards that taking Wellness Formula consisting of a combination of vitamins and herbs, keeps her healthy.
"When I take that I tend not to get sick," she said.

Wellness Formula is touted as a disease fighting agent that uses vitamins known as free-radical scavengers that attack the free radicals released during the body’s white blood cell response to infection.

Common herbs in the kitchen believed by some naturalists in fighting the common cold include cinnamon, onion, ginger and cumin seeds, which can be seeped in hot water with honey and lemon and drank as a tea.

Ana Gasteyer
"Suburgatory" star Ana Gasteyer’s cold remedy of vitamin C, garlic, and extra sleep is a little more in touch with the norm except for one facet that is contrary to common views—exercising during an illness. "If you do a light workout, it really helps," Gasteyer reportedly stated at the annual New York Women in Film and Television Awards.

Some medical experts agree that exercise can contribute to well-being during an illness because it releases mood-enhancing endorphins that make the body feel better. Moreover, exercise also aids the body in entering into a restful sleep that is critical in recovering quickly from a cold.

Research studies on exercise and illness at Ball State University show that athletes who continued to work out in spite of having a cold experienced no decrease in lung function or increase in recovery time from their cold. Furthermore, exercising is a good way to shake loose the mucous and fluids that clog your nasal passages. Moderation is key, however, and a non-athlete with a cold should limit the time of their workout to less than 30 minutes.

No matter what cold remedy you choose—celebrity or not—as with all disease conditions, prevention is the best medicine. And the best way to avoid the common cold is through the simplest method of all that we first learned in kindergarten and in home: keep your hands to yourself and wash your hands—often.

Image source of Green Tea: Wikipedia